“so how do you see my fair friend?” Adaora asked an hour later, after Maryam had left

“she looks very wealthy” i replied casually,

“yep her family is blessed” she muttered with a smile.

We visited my younger sister later in the afternoon, where we spent considerable amount time, before stopping at a supermarket where Adaora bought some gifts for her friend. we returned later in the evening, took a quick nap before preparing for the birthday party.

7:30pm, a Cab{Adaora earlier booked} took us to Ignobis hotel, a well built hotel situated some kilometers away from her lodge.

Maryam soon appeared and led us to a calm section of the hotel, where some sharp looking, wide eyed skimply dressed girls were already seated….

The hotel environment really was full of life and activity, with everyone facing their own business. I truly was amazed especially with the number of sexy girls who were at every corner. At first i wasn’t able to feed my eyes the way i wanted because of Adaora, but later i threw caution to the wind and fed my eyes as if i just regained my sight after years of blindness…..

There really wasn’t anything spectacular in Maryam’s birthday celebration apart from expensive drinks, food and well designed birthday cake which we enjoyed to our satisfaction. True to her words, she only invited few friends who behaved as if they were gods. I guess we were seven in number including the celebrant, which really made the whole thing dull and boring to me, even though it didn’t appear so to Maryam whose behaviour showed how happy she was. However my attention truly wasn’t with them nor in their discussion, but with the lively activity going on around us, where people who knew how to catch fun danced, smoked and made noise.

“how i wish i came here alone” were the words which kept repeating in my mind, as i watched pretty well shaped runz girls dance to their satisfaction, most of them dancing without a partner. D--n their shapes, and dressing were just out of the ordinary, my soul and spirit soon left me and joined them as they danced.
“Abuja is truly blessed with pretty classy runz girls”

Surprisingly Adaora didn’t behave as if she noticed my absent-mindedness which really was very unusual, but i cared not and fed my eyes hungrily till 10:30pm when she gently shook my right leg.

“party is over, lets go inside, a room has already been prepared for us ” she whispered,

“really so where is she?” i stupidly asked as i searched for Maryam. She Ignored my question, stood and dragged me to my feet.

We quietly walked into the hotel building where we met Maryam at the staircase. I drew close and hugged her polietly,

“i really enjoyed myself, Adaora and i are making special plans for you, don’t tell her i told you” i whispered into her ear. She rolled her eyes smiled and led us to our room. Surely the girl really is a confirmed big girl, and i wished Frank was with me that very day….

Minutes later, Adaora and i were left alone in our room. She came forward without warning and landed two hot slaps on my cheek, which left me completely dazed and stunned as i wondered what earned them for me…..

To be continued….
Do stay tuned…
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