“that’s for disgracing me outside” she barked furiously,

“what has gotten over you eeh?” i asked with a surprised look,

“i should be the person asking you that question, infact what spirit took control of your body this evening?” she asked,

“meaning?” i heard myself ask,

“meaning you left where your attention was supposed to be and focused all your whole being on dirty half dressed whores who were dancing shamelessly, you disgust me” she poured out bitterly.

I truly was at lost on what next to say, which made me move away from her, took off my shirt, laid calmly on the bed and closed my eyes.

“only God knows how much i despise you. Silly little boy who can’t grow up or behave properly in public, who knows what my friends will be saying about you” she muttered and hissed.

“who cares about your boring friends” i replied with a smile,

“yea that’s what you will say bush boy” she muttered and hissed again.

“Adaora please stop insulting me, or you won’t like what i will do” i charged up with clenched fists, but instead of shutting her mouth, she came and sat beside me on the bed.

“do your worst Val or do i add weakling to your name?” she mocked me.

I really was very annoyed that moment, but i equally didn’t have the strength to exchange words or blows with her, moreover i knew where it might lead to, perhaps that really was what she was aiming for. I just stared at her for a while, calmed myself down, got up from the bed and walked away from her.

“Adaora please stop, what is it you want?” i asked quietly. She eyed me, shook her head and laid on the bed without another word. I breathed deeply, sat on the floor and covered my face with my palms.

I really was very proud of myself for being able to resist hitting her that evening. And after an hour {when i noticed she was fast asleep}, i calmly climbed the bed and slept peacefully.

7AM sunday morning, Maryam came into our room beaming with smiles,

“i’m about going home dear, i have spoken with the manager, so you guys are free to stay as long as you like” she said to Adaora who laughed and shook her head,

“hmmm are you serious?? Anyway thanks dearie we are equally leaving this morning” she replied, while her friend shrugged, bade us bye and left.

8:45AM Adaora and i were back in her lodge, where i quickly carried my travelling bad ready to leave her house in peace,

“so where do you think you are going?” she asked curiously,

“its none of your business” i replied,

“fine, so that’s how you want to play it, instead of apologizing to me” she accused coldly,

“after slapping and insulting me abi??” i asked,

“yea and i don’t regret doing it because you caused everything?” she replied defiantly,

“fine i’m going where i won’t be insulted” i muttered. She shrugged and smiled,

“please also know our relationship is over once you step out of that door” she threatened arrogantly.

Without another word i walked out of her lodge, even though it truly wasn’t my mind to do so. All i wanted that morning was for her to apologize, but i under-estimated her……

To be continued….


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