“you said you graduated from Imsu?” She finally asked minutes later,

“yea last november” i replied,

“i graduated from Imsu 2008” she explained with a smile,

“really!” i exclaimed,

“oh yea” she muttered and smiled,

“so you are from Imo?” i asked,

“oh no Abia state” she answered,

“you work here?” i further asked,

“no i came for another thing, i work in the ministry of Agriculture” she explained.

“hmmm lucky you, there is nothing like a federal job” i muttered with a smile,

“it’s God ooo, you can have my card sha, perhaps before you are through with your service another slot may be available in our office” she said as she opened her handbag, reached for a card and handed to me.

“thanks alot you are graciously kind sister Elinor” i glanced at her card and muttered with a smile,

“call me Lino jare, my friends do call me that” she replied, while i blushed and thanked her again. She surprisingly handed me her phone and asked me to save my phone number in it which i did.

Adaora and Anty Martha soon returned, i got up waved Elinor bye and left with Adaora,

“do you know that Lady?” Adaora asked as soon as we left the building,

“no why do you ask?” i murmured innocently,

“nothing” she shrugged and muttered.


“so you won’t be going to work today?” i asked as soon as we got home,

“hmmm so it’s now you remembered to ask abi?” she replied with a smile.

“hope what happened last weekend between us won’t happen again?” she sat on my body and asked with eyes full of eager curiousity,

“depends on you nah” i replied,

“so you are putting the whole blame on me abi?” she asked with a smile,

“offcourse” i laughed,

“but your behaviour on sunday really got me worried, i threatened you, but you showed no fear and just walked away as if you don’t care about us anymore”, “do you still strongly love me?” she asked with little fear in her eyes. I caressed her face for a while before kissing her soft lips.

“love is a weak word for what i feel for you my dear” i answered. Her eyes instantly flashed with fire. Her glorious face had never softened so before.

“i have always been attracted to your striking masculine beauty, your statuesque attitude, the free grace of your strong limbs, your caresses and most importantly, your family, so please don’t play with my feelings again” she murmured and returned my kiss.

With a nature like Adaora’s, love is no ordinary passion; all the romance, the fervour, the poetry of her heart and soul all are of noble quality.

Her heart opened up for me like the gates of heaven and i read it like a book. The grand, sensitive nature of her beautiful mind revealed to me nature’s most supreme loveliness.

Time passed and we were unconscious of it as we kissed hungrily,

“oh dear i feel like having your baby this moment” she rasped.

Without another word, i carried her into the bedroom, while my heart sang, as i swore never to cheat on her again.

I tugged her down on her bed, quickly undressed myself before undressing her. She pulled me down, her upper torso connecting with mine, our bare flesh pressed together, no clothing to inhibit perception.

Clasping her hips, i moved her so that her boso.ms were merged to mine, her nippl.es tickled by my chest. Dipping down, i took after one of the succulent tips, nursing at it until i could feel her tension mount.

“VAL” she moaned…

To be continued..
I do apologize for keeping you guys waiting yesterday….

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