“oga go and prepare nah, do you want to keep our dear Elinor waiting?” Obinna soon asked, interrupting my thoughts.

“i really don’t see the usefulness of what we are about doing” i muttered thoughtfully,

“hmmm what are you saying? Don’t talk like that again, moreover we havn’t yet done anything wrong, perhaps she even needs you much more” he added, while i shrugged,

“but you know i won’t be staying long in this city” i murmured,

“stop fidgeting like a child, didn’t i tell you that i will be taking over from where you stop, she is yet to tell you her mind and you are already shivering” he patted my back and muttered. I shrugged again before walking into the bedroom to dress up.

“baby i’m coming, i won’t be gone for long” i whispered into Adaora’s ear as i held her from behind at the kitchen, where she was cooking. She instantly turned and faced me with curious eyes.

“i will be back within an hour” i added and kissed her. She breathed deeply and backed me without saying anything…. I knew she wasn’t happy i was going out with obinna, and i equally knew she kept quiet in order for peace to reign.
I kissed her neck gently and left without another word.

Obinna first drove to his apartment where he changed into an impressive native wear. He took great pain in dressing that evening, which clearly showed how serious he was. Jane and her friend were in the sitting room watching a movie when we arrived, she ignored and pretended not to notice my presence. I equally ignored her, while her friend threw nervous glances at us.

5:05pm, Obinna and i walked into Dream Chicken restaurant. I easily spotted Elinor, smiled and walked towards her. The look in her eyes when she saw Obinna by my side, was at-first that of surprise, disappointment and anger, but she quickily hid it with a calm smile and just stared at him with careless indifference for a while.

“hope i ain’t late?, it really wasn’t easy finding a friend who know’s this place” i lied as we sat beside her.

I knew i messed up by bringing Obinna along, but i really didn’t care because i wasn’t interested in impressing her.

“no problem, it’s okay, i’m glad you showed up” she replied sweetly. Her dark eyes grew radiant as they stared pointedly at me, her pale grand beauty glowed impressively. I flushed as i returned her gaze,

“what’s in her mind” i wondered nervously. I never had encountered such charming older lady before.

But truthfully, she really looked so glamourous, beautiful and artistic that evening. The top she wore showed off her neck, her rich curls of dark hair were studded with beautiful eye catching designer pins. A golden necklace clasped her throat and from every fold of her shinning dress came a rich, sweet, subtle perfume.

Infact her splendid costume brought out her beauty as a golden frame does a rich picture. But she really was too old for me.

I stared at her with fingers crossed….

To be continued
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