“why?” i asked calmly,

“you know better than to ask me that question, please let me be” she replied coldly, “hours earlier it would have been a beautiful present to me; now my spirit declines it”

“so you decline my present?” i asked, hardly believing that it was in human nature to refuse such jewellery.

She smiled calmly, repeated the words and backed me. With an angry murmur, i closed the case and dropped it on her cupboard. Her phone rang that moment, breaking the silence between us.

Seriously i do hate the proud humility she exhibits sometimes, and whatever she felt or thought that moment was most adroitly concealed leaving me very confused as if i just met her. She really inherited all her mum’s pride which i greatly detest.

“mum good evening” she greeted as she answered the phone call,

“i’m very fine ma, yes he is here breaking my heart” she muttered, while i looked at her curiously,

“imagine he just returned about an hour ago unable to explain where he went” she reported. I bit my lips angrily as i listened with interest.

“your mum wants to speak with you” she soon muttered with a cold smile before handing her phone to me. I gave her a murderous look before collecting the phone.

“good evening mum” i greeted calmly,

“what happened to your phone? It hasn’t been going through since 5pm” she enquired without replying my greeting,

“it’s probably network ma, my phone is online” i replied. She kept quiet for a while as if she didn’t believe my explanation,

“so how far about the redeployment?” she asked,

“i submitted my letter today, i guess by tomorrow i will get a new posting” i replied,

“hmmm okay, so where did you go this evening?” she asked,

“i went out with a friend and i don’t see any crime i commited by going out with him, i’m now a graduate and not a kid, moreover you know i don’t hang out with bad people” i poured out unhappily,

“so why didn’t you explain yourself or tell her where you went?” she asked,

“because i don’t want to create the situation where i will have to explain all my movements at the end of each day to her” i replied,

“don’t reason like that, girls of nowadays are not like us who takes things as we see, if she wants to know your movements oblige her, moreover how will you feel if she declines to tell you about hers, my dear courtship is a mutual study between two people, an important stage in our life. I’m old but not old fashioned, trust me on this and apologize to her, aftter she calms down, explain to her how you feel about some of her actions, she is a nice girl and i believe she will change, Adaora is a blessing in disguise please hold her very tight” she advised before ending the phone call.

I swallowed hard and stared at Adaora. Our eyes instantly clashed, i never knew she was staring at me while i was talking to mum.

“how do i start begging again” i wondered with a heavy heart

To be continued shortly…..

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