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Special scenes *moments before nysc* 45


I breathed deeply, laid beside her and stared at the ceiling as if something was written on it. I folded my hands and cleared my throat,

“seriously i don’t understand you sometimes, i do feel you are just looking for an opportunity to break up with me” i murmured and scratched my head, “infact i don’t know what else to say about your behaviour”

“then don’t say anything, just leave my bed please” she coldly muttered,

“you know you have started again? We can end everything tonight if you wish” i replied, but She just said nothing.

“since you won’t accept my present, i think i have someone else in mind, who will appreciate it much more” i chuckled. She instantly sat up as if i poured cold water on her,

“you are still seeing that girl right?” she asked furiously, while i smiled and kept quiet,

“okay fine suit yourself i also have admirers if you don’t know” she fired back angrily. I stood up, took the present and left her room without another word.

My phone rang as i was about falling asleep in the other room. It was mum calling again,

“what’s wrong with you?? So you unheeded my advice, no problem, thanks for that” she barked and ended the phone call, while my heart leapt. I really hate disobeying her, but it was all Adaora’s fault

8am, Tuesday morning

I walked into Adaora’s room as she was preparing for work, sat down on her bed and stared at her with a blank expression,

“good morning” she greeted calmly,

“how was your night?” i asked,

“terrific” she casually muttered without looking at me.

I knew mum must have talked to her when she probably reported me again after i left her room the previous night. Mum’s words of advice equally kept playing in my head as i slept. I couldn’t help but wonder why she so desperately wanted me to end up with Adaora, she truly was blinded to her faults and hardly ever took any of her wrong doings as a big deal.

“you know i do hate quarrelling with you but i’m sorry to say this, i think you are very quarrel-some and often like challenging me” i muttered. She smiled and looked at me.

“is this your new method of apologizing? Hmmm but i beg to ask, how and when did i challenge you?” she asked,

“i followed Obinna to his house yesterday because he wanted me to meet his girlfriend” i lied and ignored her question, “but since mum wants me to apologize, i guess i will have to do that” i added, stood up and walked towards where she sat beside her mirror. I squatted by her side, held her right hand and stared into her eyes,

“i’m sorry” i humbly apologized, stood up and kissed her forehead. She tightly held me as i did that. Tears appeared in her eyes as she looked up at me, which surprised me

“i also hate it when we fight, i’m sorry” she meekly apologized. I smiled and kissed her forehead again, even though i knew another fight will still come up pretty soon..

“but are you still seeing chinwe?” she curiously asked with a look of suspicion, which threw me off balance…

To be continued…

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5 thoughts on “Special scenes *moments before nysc* 45

  • Lammyjoe

    Chinwe is dis girl problem… suspectin diz girl make she no harm chinwe cos anytym u left her side….all her mind is chinwe side….nawa for this girl self

  • Fidel

    I think we al ned 2 learn frm dis dat no 2 pple r completly compatble in a rship but tolerance n understadin help. Thou i dont tink adaora is askin 4 2 mch 4 som1 who is genuly in luv. Jst 4 atentn n d way abt of her man.

  • Kahuna

    Val, So U Finally Begged Her? Toh I Don Suspend For Air.

    @Fidel; So True.

  • Damex333

    Understanding lo mata. But u can’t blame her guys. She knows who obinna is, and how he behaves. And she doesn’t trust him with her hubby. So, she has every right to be angry at u o val. But she sud learn to trust u sha.

  • desertboom

    @Val. . . I had to switch to desktop version in order to make this post because posting on mobile version seems impossible for me here.

    Thus, I like your sincerity and mature way of resolving issues, it truly shows humility and understanding on your part but may I ask you; can you continue to beg like this in every little disagreement in the later future? Maybe you’ve not thought about it. Success and thumbs up to you.

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