“dear petite, my chapter with chinwe has been closed long ago which you very well know” i answered with a convincing smile,

“but i just don’t know what to believe anymore” she murmured.

“i’m hungry” i muttered and looked away, changing the topic, while she stood up with both hands on her waist,

“sure you didn’t apologize because you are hungry?” she asked and smiled,

“mmmhhh is it a crime?” i asked jokingly,

“see you head naughty boy, there is bread on the dinning table, you can help yourself with it” she replied,

“what of my lunch?” i asked,

“i’ll return before 2pm, though i’ll first check my aunt for your nysc stuff, there is banana in the fridge or you can boil eggs and eat while you wait for me” she responded.

“i don hear, but also have it in mind that i will be having either ogbono or egusi soup for lunch” i added jokingly even though i meant it. She eyed me,

“mr man, i’m not yet your wife, you are just a visitor, so you will have to manage anything i give you” she held my jaw and muttered with a mischievous look.

“i don tell you ooo” i smiled and muttered seriously,

“but baby joke apart, i can’t prepare such soup this afternoon, we may end up having a late lunch, you will have your soup for dinner” she kissed my cheek and explained before leaving for work.

I soon became restless after spending an hour alone in the house, i logged into Nairaland, read some stories as a guest {literature section} and thought about myself, wondering whether i even could write a letter without terrorizing English words.

Just like most of my friends, i hardly do have time reading stories or long “write-ups” {however I do speak like an average nigerian graduate, though sometimes i mix my grammar with pidgin/ Igbo}

“hey xup” Elinor greeted as soon as i answered her phone call,

“cool dear, how is work going?” i asked,

“fine sha, so where are we meeting today?” she asked,

“i don’t really know any place” i lied,

“okay how about where we met yesterday evening?” she asked,

“the place is cool, though i can’t promise anything yet till 4pm, i’m currently at my uncle’s house waiting for him to return from work” i lied again,

“no problem, 4pm is okay, later dear, bye ” she muttered and hung up, while I jolted as the door bell rang that same moment.

I quietly opened the door for Adaora who walked into the sitting room with a tired look and a large polythene bag on her right hand.

“aunt Martha didn’t even show up at her office today, but she said she has done your stuff sha” she spoke as she entered the kitchen. I polietly helped her carry the polythene bag, and gently followed her like a child.

“dear i really spent quite sometime waiting for her, before her phone number eventually went through, i can’t even describe how angry i was when she told me she wouldn’t be coming to her office today due to an emergency” she murmured. “the lady we met at her office yesterday was equally there, waiting for her” she added as she washed a guava which she gave me.

I quickily hid my surprise and stared at her speechlessly, unable to mutter anything,

“she even dropped me at the market after we left my aunt’s office together, she’s a very kind lady, though i hate the way she stares at people, seriously her eyes are very scary, she just keep looking at me like a lesbian” she rattled, while my thoughts consumed me.

“d--n i thought Elinor told me she was at work, how could she be at two places the same time?, or even fail to mention about Adaora, or didn’t she recognize her?,” i wondered, “or are we both lying to each other?” i asked myself.

“oga should i start cooking the soup or should i prepare a quick lunch?” Adaora soon asked, instantly breaking me away from my thoughts,

“i think you should rest dear” i answered sweetly, while she shook her head and smiled at me.

My mind quickily raced back to the card Elinor gave me the previous day, which i never did read the contents apart from her phone number and name which i managed to glance at.

“is she really working with the ministry of Agriculture?” i wondered suspiciously. But i couldn’t leave the kitchen that moment to check out the card, without Adaora’s feminine instinct whispering naughty thoughts into her ears.

I swallowed hard and uneasily waited for the right moment.

To be continued….

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