One of the things i do love about Chinwe is her calm, calculative and understanding nature. She really sacrificed so much to make me happy, that till this day i do still wonder whether i have even been a little fair to her.

We kissed hotly for some minutes, before i gently took off her clothes, after working all over her body with my magic hands.

“Ouch” she moaned and wriggled as i gently bit her right ti.t, while the scent of her newly made hair filled my nostrils, driving me crazy like an enraged bull.

Surely making love with someone you consider special do have it’s own personal effect, moreover it also has been long we last made sweet love. Her hands were soon on my body working their own magic and driving me more enraged.

My eyes rolled over and over as i enjoyed her caresses, and when her left hand finally grabbed my joystick, i was already in a space ship heading to pluto,

“huh” she moaned and bit my ear, when she felt the weight of my manhood with her hand. Her moan instantly switched my tempo into hyper-drive sending me straight into unexplainable pleasure with speed of light. I soon crashlanded into her honey pot without knowing when i tore her pant nor when i pulled on a rubber {which i got from my wallet}

she sang like a bird while i swam like a fish as we knacked each other furiously, and so we knacked and rowed until we got to Mississippi where i offloaded my cargo.

“Nawaoo!” she exclaimed as we held each other gasping for breath. Her facial expression equally left a satisfying smile on my face, because i saw she wasn’t disappointed with my display, even though i instantly began praying to be granted a second round.

“hope you are now okay?” she asked moments later as i returned from her toilet after disposing the used rubber. I smiled and nodded in affirmative, even though i still wanted more.

I laid beside her again, and played with her left hand, while she silently watched me with sparkle in her eyes

“will this be our last time of making love?” i wondered as i stared at her speechlessly,

“surely time will tell” i concluded with a calm smile,

“what’s in your mind?” she asked curiously.

I tried to kiss her but she pushed me away gently,

“is this truly the last time we will ever relate sexually?” i asked with a pounding heart….

But She just kept quiet and said nothing…..

To be continued….
“Betrayal” comes Next

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