“please give me time to think about it” i murmured,

“hmmm what’s there to think about, you already told me that you don’t have a girlfriend” she muttered,

“yea but you know involving myself with a working class lady with kids, is really way much more than ordinary romance” i replied,

“okay you win, i will call you tomorrow to get your reply, also know that you stand to benefit alot from this” she said with a smile. I returned her smile confidently as if i was very strong at heart.
“hey sis did Adaora call you over the phone?” i asked my sister as soon as i entered a cab heading home,

“nope, is everything alright?” she curiously asked,

“yea dear, it’s just that i told her i was coming over to your place this evening, so please cover for me incase she calls” i begged,

“ok sir, no wahala” she accepted…

I calmly walked into the compound, rang the door bell and waited for her to let me in. She opened the entrance door, seconds later with a calm smile on her face. I pecked her, walked into the sitting room and settled down on a long couch with a tired and hungry look.

She quietly sat beside me and rested her head on my chest,

“so how is she? you really spent a whole lot of time with her” she asked,

“she’s fine, though very angry that you are yet to serve me dinner” i joked,

“oh yea, mmmmm what should i say” she murmured,

“don’t say anything” i replied with a smile as my left hand slowly made for her boso.ms,

“abegi free me jor” she murmured and pushed my hand away,

“mmmhhh you smell different” she asked and sat up suspiciously,

“so how am i smelling?” i asked jovially even though my heart beat increased slightly due to guilty conscience,

“feminine” she replied,

“and where am i just coming from?” i asked with a smile,

“from your sister’s offcourse, but she dosen’t use the kind of perfume i’m percieving from you, though the scent is kind of familiar” she murmured searchingly,

“you can ask her when she changed her perf. nah, isn’t she your fellow girl, how should it concern me, abeg is dinner ready?” i asked and yawned. Her slowly eyes melted.

“you ran away instead of helping me, now you want to eat abi?” she jokingly muttered, stood up and walked to the kitchen.

My conversation with Elinor crept back into my mind as we ate dinner, slowly stealing my soul. I was soon lost in my thoughts, while my empty body faced Adaora.

Surely Elinor’s offer really appeared attractive, but for someone like me, i couldn’t find any reason or excuse to accept it apart from the fun and experience which i might get. But accepting such proposal could mean throwing away my life and future with Adaora, a future mum had so much invested on. if i eventually get caught. What a disgrace it would be. I reasoned and shivered with disgust,

“i will call frank tonight, i think i can use his controversial advice” i concluded,

“baby are you alright? You look very sick and lost” i heard Adaora ask with concern and fear in her eyes.

“only if she could read my thoughts” i muttered to myself with a faint smile, which alarmed her more.

“why ain’t you eating, what’s going on with you?” she asked searchingly….

To be continued….

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