“i’m fine dear, i just remembered something” i replied casually. She shrugged, breathed deeply and continued with her meal without asking any other question.

She quickily went to bed after dinner, leaving me all alone in the sitting room, to continue with my thoughts which kept me awake till 9:39pm when i was brought back to reality by my phone which rang and vibrated with its loud ring tone. It was Elinor calling.

“xup dear, you didn’t even call to tell me that you have gotten home safely?” she asked,

“i’m very sorry sha, it’s just that i was carried away by other things” i replied calmly,

“hmmm okay think about what we discussed very well, i will call to know your answer tomorrow morning, good night” she muttered,

“alright good night” i replied and yawned.

I instantly dialed frank’s phone number after she hung up, but he failed to answer. I gave up unhappily after dialling his number four times, and quietly left for the other room where i instantly fell asleep.


I jolted from sleep when my phone rang around 6am. I murmured unhappily and answered my phone. It was Frank calling,

“i thought you have forgotten about me eeh? And when you finally decided to call, you called during my night shift eeh, wetin i do you?” he asked in his usual playful manner. I smiled, apologized and narrated my story to him. He kept calm and listened with interest.

“mehn you don hit jackpot choi, i never knew this sort of thing really happens, bro i dey come Abuja this weekend, no dulling” he poured out jokingly, when i was done with my story,

“guy be serious nah” i begged,

“nawao i’m Frank and you are Val, we are not the same, i think you should ask yourself whether you want to play the game or not, as for me, you already know sey i go do am without thinking, but i know you don’t have that kind of morale” he muttered seriously,

“guy you are just speaking in parables, just advice me please” i murmured unhappily,

“val the decision is yours to make, i can’t tell you to go on with it or not, but just know that accepting it means you are ready to graduate from playing local league into playing champions league and i doubt if you can play such game, maybe that’s why they picked you because they probably have seen that you can be manipulated easily, anyway don’t mind me ooo, just be careful in anything you do, life is all about taking risks” he concluded, leaving me in greater confusion.

I had expected him to either encourage or discourage me, but to my dismay he preferred to sit on the fence and speak in riddles. .

Just that moment my phone began beeping, i checked it and saw Elinor’s number in
“call waiting”……

To be continued..
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