“guy she’s even calling me right now” i said to frank who just laughed,

“hehehehe good luck bro, i go hear from you later abeg” he replied and hung up. I breathed deeply, swallowed hard and accepted Elinor’s call.

“so how far dear” she greeted,

“very cool, even though i laid awake all through the night thinking over that stuff” i replied,

“hmmmm really! Hope you have finally reached a conclusion?” she asked,

“yea and i don’t know how it may sound, but i don’t think i can go on with it, it’s very risky, i’m sorry” i murmured. She just kept quiet for a while as if her own end of the line was dead, leaving me a bit confused and lost.

I quietly checked my phone but the ‘call timer’ was still reading.

“hello!, hello!, are you there?” i asked, but the response i got was just a beep which notified me that our discussion has ended. Either she hung up unhappily or network did it for us, i really can’t tell.

I breathed deeply, closed my eyes and tried to sleep, but sleep eluded me,

“why did you chicken out like a baby, why do you easily get scared, you are a man and not a woman” the dark part of my mind queried, forcing more thoughts into my head.


Adaora walked into the room, sat beside me and rested her right hand on my chest,

“good morning dear, how was your night?” she asked sweetly,

“very fine and yours?” i replied,

“cool, but i don’t understand why you no longer like sleeping beside me” she complained. I smiled, caressed her face for a while, before sitting up,

“we still have more years to spend together, so what’s the need rushing it ma petite?” i asked.

“it’s true dear” she breathed deeply and smiled,

“you are very beautiful honey” i added sweetly, she blushed and looked away.

“baby i had a very terrible dream about you last night, it really got me scared that i prayed before being able to sleep again, i can’t start describing what i saw, but please do be careful in all you do. I really wasn’t myself when mum told me about how you confronted a villager the other week, do you think the man is up to something evil?” she asked with fear in her eyes. I smiled reassuringly and hugged quietly, even though her story added a little fear to my already troubled mind.

“dreams are just figments of our imaginations and fears playing back in our head as we rest, you shouldn’t worry about it okay” i calmly explained,

“alright dear, let me go and prepare breakfast, and also dress up for work” she murmured, pecked me and left the room. I quickly rushed to the bathroom, brushed, showered, and returned to my room where three missed calls were waiting on my phone. It was Elinor once again.

My phone rang as i was still staring at it, i looked around with guilt, quickly locked the door and answered it,

“you are breaking my heart hope you know?” Elinor asked over the phone,

“how lino? Please try and understand” i murmured weakly,

“i don’t really see any risk in what i’m asking you for, anyway let’s meet at the usual place by 12noon, please keep to time and don’t disappoint me” she ordered and hung up.

I wearily fell on my bed deeply confused and frightened,

“why is she still insisting?” i wondered cluelessly,

“is Adaora’s dream kind of related to all these?” i asked myself with fright,

“should i honour her invitation or simply ignore it for good?”


To be continued…..
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