Adaora left the house after breakfast leaving me to focus on my thoughts which kept me company till 11:30AM when Elinor called me again{on phone}

“hey val, hope you will still show up by 12?” she asked,

“yep” i answered,

“okay i will be waiting dear, i just wanted to confirm” she murmured and hung up. I breathed deeply, rubbed my face with my palms and wondered if i was doing the right thing by honouring her invitation. I really wanted to use the opportunity to explain my decision to her, because i felt a little bit guilty due to her wine and food i ate.


I was about walking into the restaurant when my phone rang, it was Elinor calling,

“hey dear i’m not inside the restaurant, just look around, you will see my car” she said calmly. I instantly looked around, spotted her small red coloured Audi and walked towards it.

“thank’s for coming” she greeted with a smile when i entered her car. I forced out a smile and stared back at her with a fast pounding heart.

“i’m very sorry about my decision, please don’t take it as if i’m being ungrateful or rude” i tried to explain, but she instantly placed her left second finger on my lips and smiled seductively,

“you don’t need to apologize, i truly understand, your response also shows how responsible and good mannered you are. I wasn’t even expecting you to buy my idea without first meeting the lady in question, and i bet you will change your mind once you meet her” she replied sweetly, while i swallowed hard and cursed inwardly,

“d--n she clearly misunderstood my decision, it now seems like there isn’t any other way out of this apart from ignoring her from now onwards” i thoughtfully reasoned.

She licked her lips and floored the accelerator jerking the car into the road. I stared at her suspiciously. She tapped my left shoulder and winked at me,

“i’m taking you to meet her” she murmured with a smile. I looked away and bit my lips, “d--n” i cursed again.

She stopped at Mr Biggs just within the same crescent, killed the car engine and stared pointedly at me,

“just compose yourself and be a gentleman, bring out your confidence and carry yourself with an air of superiority okay?” she advised and tapped my cheek. I silently nodded.

She winked and alighted from her car. Together we walked into the joint.

She cleverly led me to a table where an elegantly dressed slim lady wearing a dark sunglass was sitting quietly. The lady instantly looked up when she noticed us approaching, took off her sunglass and smiled sweetly.

She really was good looking just like Elinor described, her head exquisite and graceful, her dressing simple but lovely, her dark clustering hair drawn back from the brow.
She looked much more attractive than her picture i saw the previous day.

Graceful and dignified, she appeared so perfect in the grandeur of her own loveliness, just like a pomegranate blossom glowing in thick coils.

I really couldn’t help wondering what a sophisticated lady like her would be needing me for, because she very much looked like an actress who probaby has thousands of male admirers breathing down her neck, coupled with wealth which made her toilette look spectacular….

“hmmm ABUJA”

To be continued…
Episode 54 comes up shortly….

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