“what should i get for you?” she asked seconds later,

“oh nothing dear, i’m perfectly alright” i replied with a smile,

“are you really serious?” she asked curiously. I breathed deeply and shrugged,

“alright a bottle of malt will be okay” i murmured,

“that’s better” she smiled and beckoned a waiter.

However, I truly wasn’t comfortable discussing inconsequential issues with her in front of her innocent little children, which she also noticed.

“i know you didn’t relax back there because of my kids, i’m very sorry, i never intended any harm, it’s just that we were already there before i called and invited you” she apologized as we crossed the street which faced her house {located opposite the restaurant just like she said}.

“no wahala” i shrugged and smiled at her.

We soon walked into her vast sitting room, where she handed her kids over to a girl who looked like a house help. I glanced around nervously before settling down on a large couch. I never planned on following her home that fateful evening, but it really was something which happened like magic. I really can’t describe what pushed me. Perhaps it was because we were yet to discuss anything reasonable, moreover it equally was the last time i planned on seeing her.

She sat beside me on the couch, held my left palm and smiled happily. I instantly looked around nervously, to check whether anyone was watching us.

“i can’t believe you are really leaving Abuja tomorrow” she murmured searchingly, but i said nothing,

“so tell me more about yourself” she asked softly. I licked my lips and shook my head,

“i think you should first tell me about yourself, ‘ladies first’ isn’t it so?” i joked. She laughed and shook her head.

“so what exactly do you want to know about me? My life is plain as a book and i think you have already seen everything about me with your eyes” she replied intelligently,

“how about your life story?” i pushed further. The passion and fire in her eyes instantly reduced, it just looked as if i touched the most sensitive part of her life. I watched her silently like a trader who asked a barren female customer about her children.

She breathed deeply, crossed her leg and stared pointedly at me,

“why should i share my past with you, it’s not as if you care nor want to be my friend?” she asked a bit coldly. I smiled nervously and stared back at her,

“you are very much mistaken dear, i’m your friend, i wouldn’t be here if i ain’t” i murmured.

“my past is something which always bring bad memories into my mind. I really don’t like remembering it” she muttered sadly. I looked away and swallowed my curiousity, because i knew it was unwise to push her further.

“anyway God compensated me with two lovely kids out of it” she added, smiled and held my palms strongly,

“you can’t imagine what being without a husband is like. The lonely nights, gossips, mockeries and regrets which comes with it are way too much to bear. Yeah i have finally gotten over mine with determination and confidence, but my dear it really isn’t easy, and most times people look at us as if we are less humans, without any rights or feelings. I just feel like sharing my story with you without knowing the reason. But i also can’t deny the fact that from the first moment i saw you, my soul felt at peace.” she poured out. I blushed.

“My story is a very long one, filled with betrayals, heartbreaks and deception. I pray this story will change the opinion you have about me, moreover we even might be agemates if not that i had kids at a very young age” she murmured and prayed with eyes filled with emotions, hopes, desire and a bit of sorrow. My heart furiously pounded as i listened.

I equally felt very uncomfortable with her adept display of emotion in a room, where anyone could walk in at any moment. But yet i held my breathe and waited for her story eagerly……

To be continued after six comments….

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