“please do not” i murmured, reached out and grasped her arms. Her warm skin against my grip only enticed me further. I felt her trembling as if the power i had over her was a heady stimulus.

“you ain’t leaving” she murmured in a husky whisper as my hands gently climbed up her torso, cupping her b.osoms which were firmly held by her bra. A chill ran through me as the calluses of my fingers gently massaged her bra and bo.soms. She let out a moan which temporarily brought me back to my senses.

“i shouldn’t be doing this” i murmured with frightened eyes.

“i have tried to stay away from you, but i just don’t know myself anymore” i added nervously.

She clasped my head with her hands and brought it down, meeting my lips halfway with hers. The tip of her tongue sought entry into my mouth which i didn’t deny her.

The taste of Tessy, so clean, so fresh washed through my body like lightening. Groaning she drew me down on a sofa, her bra pulling down in the process, revealing and allowing me to feel the real flesh of her succulent matured b.osoms.

“if only this feeling would stop” i prayed shamelessly.

Enraptured, i wrapped my fingers in her hair and tugged her head gently. Her answering moan only set me further afire.

“oh Val you are too good, Elinor is right” she moaned, stretched her legs and sank into a blissful lethargy. She definetly wanted more and arched against my touch.

I kissed her neck, shoulders and face as my hands continued to do wonderful things to her body, learning every part of her and satisfying her expertly. But suddenly Adaora’s image flashed into my head like a vision, something which has never happened to me when making out with anyone. I instantly jerked away from Tessy and breathed deeply.

“please” she gasped, pulling me back to her body, “please” she begged.

DID I DO IT??????

To be continued….

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