“you didn’t go to work today?” i curiously asked Benita minutes later,

“nope” she casually replied with a smile without offering any explanation which truly heightened my curiousity,

I stayed in the sitting room for a while before entering my room, thereby leaving her and chinwe alone to gossip like old pals.

I used the oportunity to call Adaora on phone, with news of where i was posted,

“whaaaaat” she exclaimed,

“abeg better stay at home till next batch” she advised,

“baby i’m seriously heartbroken, i just don’t know what to do” i poured out to her,

“don’t worry dear, everything will be alright okay” she consoled me,

“where are you?” she curiously asked seconds later in her usual way,

“i’m at Chinedu’s place” i replied,

“bro chinedu?” she asked just to be sure,

“yea dear, and i just wish you are right here with me, i really do need to feel your touch and warmth” i said sweetly just to make her happy. I knew my words found there way into her heart, because She kept quiet for a while before speaking up again.

“baby me too, just hearing your voice is making me to lose concentration, please let’s reserve it for night, i’ll call you by 9pm and we will then spend the rest of the night together” she said sweetly.

“okay big girl” i replied with a smile,

“nonsense boy” she joked before ending the phone call…

I was almost carried away by sleep and exhaustion, when Chinwe slowly entered my room around 3pm,

“i want to start going” she said as she on my bed. I grabbed her waist and stared at her,

“don’t tell me you want to miss today’s story?” i asked with a smile,

“which story?” she curiously asked as if she didn’t know what i meant,

“didn’t you see Benita’s stomach?” i fired back,

“e concern you? Abeg free the babe jare, Benita too much for that your cousin” she replied,

“what did she tell?” i further asked,

“none of your business” she replied,

“please i want to start going, i’m very hungry and tired” she added with a frown,

“isn’t there any food in the kitchen?” i asked,

“she offered me beans which i declined” she explained,

“okay lets visit a fastfood joint, you ain’t going till i say so” i said to her as i got up from my bed, while she just gave me an askance look before shaking her head.

“what?” i asked,

“i just don’t know why you find it hard to accept that our relationship has ended” she replied and stood up. I drew close, held her and stared into her eyes. She instantly coloured up before looking away.

“can you swear to that?” i solemnly asked with searching eyes, but before she could answer, the sound of Chinedu’s car driving into the compound distracted us……

To be continued…..
Betrayal comes next….

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