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The federal government has concluded plans, to stop the importation of sugar by january 1st 2013, in order to support local producers…… {Source Vanguard nigeria}

Hmmm, seems like another new year surprise is on the way, but then come to think of it, have any of you seen or eaten the so called cassava bread?? Cos i have not, instead my favourite #100 bread is now sold for #150…… And seriously do you think our local producers are capable of supplying all our needs, or is this a form of planned monopoly by our government??……

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18 thoughts on “TALK-TIME!

  • OBJ

    —in yoruba accent—
    There is nothing you can do, I yaf ordered my boy G.E.J to carry it out already. It is the masses that will suffer it, (thank God me and my family are matter and not masses)… You know I’m still the one ruling…
    But let me advice u, you should go and buy cartons of sugar and keep at home ni ooo, cos me I already haf a mansion filled with cartons of sugar.. Mo sure say you haf not forgot what happen at the beginning of this year(fuel subsidy)… 2013 own na SUGAR SUBSIDY REMOVAL ni o

  • Petokey

    Na them sabi, dangote is trying to monopolize the ecomony

  • tochi

    That one na their own business

  • tochi

    Our govt has proven time after time that they can never be trusted so whatever our president want to give us as his new year gift we are waiting for him. Afterall we survived the first one

  • tochi

    From time immemorial Dangote has been the one ruling this country so ¶ guess part of that decision still got something to do with him

  • kaxmytex

    Me no knw say 9ja dey import sugar b4 o…..wot a shame!

  • SailorXY

    honestly, i no longer bother myself with comments about Nigeria. pfft

  • SailorXY

    Honestly, i no longer bother to comment on issues concerning Nigeria. pfft

  • Blachberrydude


  • Blachberrydude


  • Blachberrydude

    .rubbish jor

  • Blachberrydude

    thanks for the info

  • fitzfrankses7

    This is a call for we youths to understand that the future of this country is agriculture

  • fitzfrankses7

    Young entrepreneurs who would painstakingly invest in the Agric sector would drive this economy


      I have the idea of establishing a poultry after my nysc, buh we really still have a long way to go with agriculture in this country, cos we really do not have a supportive government….

  • fitzfrankses7

    Val agriculture is easy if you have a clear goal & vision

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