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“Ekene i will like to see you this evening” Sandra “my girlfriend” announced when i answered her phone call two days ago,

“where and time?” i asked excitedly, without noticing how faint her voice was,

“4pm at primary school field where we normally meet” she replied,

“i will be there ahead of time” i joyfully answered. Sandra is a very fine girl whom i very much cherish, she also is my first and only girlfriend. A girl i will do anything to make happy, because she came into my life when i was mocked by friends for being unable to get a girlfriend after spending six years in secondary school.

Our affair started January this year{2013} during my second term in Ss3. She was in Ss2 then, my junior with a year.

I can never forget her text messages and care which were my daily bread, as i sat for my waec exams, few months ago.

4:15pm she showed up at the primary school play ground looking very gloomy and sad. I instantly knew all was not well.

“Ekene i’m finished” she exclaimed as soon as she got to where i stood. I trembled as i glanced all over her.

“what is wrong?” i managed to ask,

“my period, Ekene my period” she cried. I prayed silently as i bravely held her with a calm smile.

“why is just only one round of sex haunting my this way” i wondered. A round of sex i managed to have unprotected with her after hours of begging, amidst all her warnings and cries, even though she wasn’t a virgin. A round of sex which took my virginity and left a permanent spot in my heart “why why why” i wondered,

“it’s now three weeks Ekene and my period is yet to show up” she complained,

“i’m tired of waiting, i don’t want to be a school drop out” she added with tears.

“what if she’s truly pregnant?” i reasoned fearfully.

That day really was the second time she was complaining about her period, but I just stared at her, clueless on what next to do.

“what really do i know about pregnancy and women??” absolutely nothing.

I’m only but eighteen while she’s seventeen years old…

What does the future have in store for me??…..

To be continued….
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