‘excuse me” Chika
heard someone say from behind. He turned to see a pretty lady smiling at him.

‘hi?’ he murmured inquisitively,

‘ my name is Mary’ said the young lady, reaching out her
hand to shake him.

She was in her car all along, watching the whole scene that played out in Kate’s compound. She witnessed what transpired between Chika, James and kate, and equally followed them down to the office, but nobody noticed her presence.

‘i’m chika, and what
can i do for you’ he replied as he accepted her hand.

‘i saw you with Kate yesterday, are you
her boyfriend?’ she asked calmly, shocking him with the question,

‘no i’m not really’ he said with a frown.

‘but you are interested in her huh?’ she asked. But before he could reply, she quickly stopped him,

‘good, so we both want the same thing’ she added smiling, while he drew back curiously.

‘i don’t get you’ he said quietly,

‘i want James and you want kate. We both know that they are very close to each other but so far something has been stopping them from starting a relationship, which is good for us.” she cleverly explained.
Stressing on the us while realising her hand from his

‘so what?’ he asked, still confused over all he was hearing,

‘so we can be partners. If we work together, we can both get what we want. Just think about it and contact me’ she added as she handed
him her business card .
‘my phone numbers are there’ ‘oh! and your sweet heart closes by six, if you want her to give her a ride, arrive early” she added as she walked into the Office building, leaving him to think over her proposal.

Chika speechlessly stood and watched her disappear into the building. After
some few minutes, he tugged her business card into his b----t
pocket, entered his car and zoomed off. A dark smile on his face.

To be continued shortly.

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