Closing hour

Chika stood outside
the gate resting on his car, watching the gate that led to the
building complex. From where he stood, he could see whoever was entering or leaving the building.

After waiting for
some minutes, he saw someone who looked like kate, so he called
out to her but got no response.
‘kate’ he yelled again, this time walking towards the building.

Kate heard her name
and quickly scanned the environment. She noticed someone approaching her. She
strained her eyes to see who it was, realising it was chika, she smiled and waved at him.
She instantly perceived a familiar scent as someone’s hand rested on her shoulder from behind. There was no need checking who it was,
because the scent belonged to James. She didn’t know anyone else who used the same perfume.

‘kate can i drop you off at home?’ Chika asked when he finally
caught up with her. ‘sorry, i am the one dropping her off’ James replied smiling. But before Chika could say anything else, they were interrupted by the noice from a red range rover passing through the gate.

Mary stepped out of the car and walked towards them.
‘hi everyone’ she
‘you look familiar’ she said to Chika who was instantly amazed by her acting skills. Nobody would
believe they have met before.

Deciding not to be a
show spoiler he replied,
‘i’m chika and you are?’
‘kate, James fiancee’ she answered, cleverly stressing on the word ‘fiancee’

‘so are you kate’s boyfriend?’ she intelligently asked. ‘no, he is not and what are you doing
here’ asked James with a coloured face.

‘what else if not to see you. Ohhh! Don’t tell me you are still upset with me beacause i refused to stay with you today’ she answered, drew close and held him. Before James knew what was happening, her lips were on his.
He however refused to respond to her kiss while she made it
look like she had no intention of kissing him in the first place.

‘oh sorry, i forgot we have company’ she smiled at Kate,
‘I just had this wonderful idea, why don’t we all go on a group date’ she suggested,

‘that’s not possible’ James interrupted coldly,
‘why’ she asked, feigning anger.

‘because Kate and i are not intrested’ he answered

‘when did Kate say that?’ asked Chika, cutting in.

‘let’s get out of here’ James suddenly hissed, dragging Kate with him as he left. Greatly surprising Mary and Chika with his behaviour. ‘

‘continue wasting time and fooling yourself, can’t you see what is happening’ Mary yelled and walked out of Chika who was yet to comprehend all that just happened.

She wasn’t pleased with the way James was publicly ignoring her feelings and getting attached to the pretentious Kate. She equally wasn’t pleased over Chika’s dull behaviour. She knew she had to act fast, but unfortunately she was running out of Ideas.

To be continued.

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