Episode 22

“are you around” she had asked me around 12pm when she called me on phone that fateful saturday,
“yea baby i’m all alone cos Emeka travelled” i replied her,
“i’m on my way to owerri on an errand, when i’m done, i will come and see you” she said to me, while i jubilated happily…..

3pm she was yet to show up, and when i tried calling her, in order to confirm whether she was still coming, she didn’t answer her phone, which really made me more anxious, yet i still waited for her…..

4:30pm i gave up calling her, as i equally became annoyed for being played by her,
“since she is yet to come till now it means she isn’t coming again” i had concluded in my mind that evening as i gave up waiting for her…..

I was about leaving my room, around 5pm in the evening, when i saw her enter the compound where i lived, I stared at her angrily and in relief, while she smiled as she advanced towards me, and even though i was angry i couldn’t help, but admire her lovely curves, cos she was wearing a tight fitting trouser and shirt that evening…..

“i’m so sorry, i couldn’t finish on time, hope you ain’t annoyed?” she asked me as we hugged, while i forced a smile,
“the most important thing is that you are finally here, even though you really kept me on suspense, but i won’t be happy, if you leave today, since it is already late” i said to her while she smiled and said nothing…..

6:15pm we went across the street, were we bought suya and rented two local movies, which really delighted her, and we equally joked, played and laughed throughout the evening like two love birds……

However her boyfriend called her on phone later that evening, in his normal way and they spoke for long, while beauty and i equally exchanged good night text messages…..

10pm, we lay together beside each other on my bed, after our night bath {which we took seperately},
“so tell me about your current girlfriend, cos i know by now you must have gotten one, and please don’t tell me she is that small girl i saw the last time?” she had asked me jokinly, while i stared at her in surprise,
“c’mon tell me about your new girl nah, you know that you only told me about your secondary school exploits the last time” she pleaded, while i smiled…..

“her name is beauty, a very beautiful well endowed girl like you, she believes in love, and everything it stands for, but the only difference is that she is very stingy with her body, and no matter how hard i try, she still have a way to deny my access, and could you believe i havn’t even fed for weeks” i confessed, while she burst out in laughter,
“is s-x food?” she asked as she leaned on me, while i held and kissed her gently. At first she tried to resist, but my hands were already battle ready and they engaged her bosoms immediately, which they fondled, caressed and squeezed, while she tightly held me, as i undressed her…..

Undressing her, that night wasn’t really hard, cos she was wearing her nightie without even a pant, and it was clearly obvious that we wanted each other very bad, and when my fingers, finally found their way to her k---y region, it was already well lubricated with k---y fluid.. D--n her body was already on the go, even before i was ready, and nothing really delights a guy than, to know that a girl is dripping wet, or going hot underneath for him…

I reached for my condom which was remaining only two wraps, tore out a wrap, wore it on my joystick and plunged into her delicious hot honey pot…….

“Ewuuuuuu!” She moaned as usual.,….
While i nodded happily as i dug, without knowing that i was digging my way to hell, or know that i was about to make my first sexual mistake as an adult…..

What really went wrong??

To be continued….

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