Episode 39

I licked and licked, while she moaned and sang, as she moved her waist to and fro, but i wasn’t really enjoying it anymore, while my face and mouth was already messed up with k---y fluid…..

Moments later i pulled out my head with great speed, and dug my middle left finger into her k---y as she tried to protest, but too much licking of her k---y had blocked my ears, making me deaf to her protest as i dug and manipulated her moist k---y……..

I immediately opened my wallet, and brought out a wrap of condom which i tore, pulled down my trouser and inner knicker and wore it over my joystick, but she got herself a bit that moment and tried to get off the bed, but i held her strongly,
“no no no don’t do it” she protested, but i heard it not, cos as i earlier said i was already high on k---y fluid, which blocked my ears, and so i plunged into her k---y with my erect joystick, while she wriggled her waist as she tried to stop me, but then her k---y wasn’t in support of her action, and immediately my joystick plunged blindly on her k---y zone, the wet k---y drew it inside, due to its moist nature, helping me do the work of positioning, locating and penetrating on its own…….

“awwwwwww” she moaned when she felt me inside her. She raised her chest with excitement, while i closed my eyes as i felt her hot, sweet k---y, which cooled down my nerves, i slowly rotated my waist in a clock wise fashion, which made her scream more as she pushed my head down on her b----t, and i took the first n----e on my mouth, bit and s----d it to my satisfaction……

Our first round was really the sweetest, as i took my time in giving it to her in a missionary way, and she equally later began to move her waist to and fro as she recieved my joystick with her k---y which was so slippery and sweet……

Second round soon started and at first she tried to refuse, but after i had begged her for some minutes she agreed, and laid on her stomach, while she buried her face on her pillow…..

Locating her k---y entrance through her back/a-s, was really tasking, cos as we all know, it’s not every girl that could easily be penetrated through the back, but after a determined search and *fingering*, i finally located, prepared and positioned it for penetration……

Soon we were rocking away, gently and happily, as i caressed her back, neck, spine, ear and fondled her b----t,
and oh we enjoyed every bit of it, and it really was my first time of knacking a girl who isn’t a love peddler in her room, and the experience was really worth saving…..

“i must confess you are so good in this” she finally whispered to me when we were done with the second round, and i smiled happily………

“The greatest feeling after s-x, is knowing that your partner is satisfied and happy with your sexual display” The player’s diary…..

Oops did i just find my diary!!…..

To be continued…..

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