Episode 10

9am thursday morning, we stood at hadel junction where we waited for ‘a bus’ with the girls. Lovelyn and Emeka whispered to each other as they joked and laughed, while i threw occassional glances at them,
“they seem not to get enough of each other” i said to myself with a smile…..

Rosy avoided my gaze that morning and we just stood as if nothing happened between us, while i smiled to myself, cos she really was good with her pretence, but then “all ladies do pretend” a very known fact, and unlike boys, most of them do not even trust their bestfriend enough to share their intimate life or story with, and most times even tend to hide certain issues from their supposed best friend……

“please lets keep this between us” she had whispered into my ear when she woke me up around 5am that morning, and i kissed her cheek,
“my lips are sealed dear” i said to her quitely,
“thanks alot cos i don’t want my friend to know about it, she is very friendly with my boyfriend” she explained to me, while i felt a little pain in my chest, when i heard her mention the word “boyfriend”…..

“when are we seeing again?” i quietly asked her when we waited for a bus that morning,
“i don’t know just call me on phone later” she replied coldly…..

They soon boarded an okigwe bound bus, and we slowly walked back to where we lived,
“guy i knacked her oo!” i said to Emeka happily, while he smiled,
“i know nah, cos i was hearing the ewuuuuuu she was singing last night” he replied as he laughed,
“so how many?” he asked me,
“just three oo!” i replied,
“o boy you too much jare, bad guy” he exclaimed, as we entered into the compound and just then, chinyere walked past us without greeting, while Emeka drew her back after she had gone few steps…..

“didn’t you see us?” he asked her playfully, while she eyed me angrily when she looked back,
“i’m sorry Emeka, didn’t your friend tell you what he did yesterday?” she asked him, while he just pretended to be confused, as he looked at us one after the other,
“what is happening here, did i miss something?” he asked, while she smiled,
“i know he won’t tell you that i entered you guys room yesterday afternoon and saw him sitting close to his new girlfriend” she explained to him,
“which girl?” he asked her in confusion,
“the black girl in your room around 2:30pm yesterday” she replied, as she eyed me again……

“whaaaat! Oh my Gawd! My sister!” Emeka exclaimed as he placed both hands on his head while she looked at him in confusion,
“so guy you sat close to my sister when i left my room yesterday, what did you do to her?” he asked me angrily as he faced me,
“guy relax nah, havn’t i been staying with your sister for years, have i even done anything to her? Are we not family friends” i explained desperately, while he bit his lips,
“i don’t trust you, please dear tell me, what was he doing with my sister?” he pleaded to her, but she just shruggled,
“he wasn’t doing anything with her, they just sat together, and i was only angry cos i thought he was the one who invited her” she explained to him, while i smiled, cos i saw the trick Emeka just pulled, and i knew that moment that i had gotten her back….

“Hmmmm, what a friend” i said to myself happily, and that is really why we do choose someone who reason like us as a best friend….

SOMETIMES the expression “show me your friend and i will tell you whom you are” is definetly correct…..

To be continued….
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