Episode 101

Amake became an unwanted visitor who we unwillingly shared our food and comfort with. She wasn’t a 100 level student like us, cos she claimed to be in her 200 level that year, which really was very surprising, cos it is very hard for girls to date their juniors, but however i foolishly believed her while my ego soared high, because i was having s-x with my senior. But as i recently reflect on those moments i shared with Amara, i couldn’t help but wonder if she really was a student, moreover i really can’t remember seeing her attend lectures or read even for a day……..

I began skipping lectures once again, as i stayed back in our hostel almost everyday in order to be with Amaka, whose sexual apetite was really unquenchable, and truthfully i really knew not whether she was even normal, cos she always demanded for s-x like a man, while i always gave it to her the way she wanted, without second thoughts. Seriously she really had no shame or regard for her body which she just used as a s-x tool, and being a guy who equally loves s-x alot, i was kind of enjoying every moment with her, even though i wasn’t in support of her living permanently with us because of val, moreover she was equally a lazy girl who was not good in doing anything apart from having s-x……..

Though i had early adventures and vast knowledge of s-x, i equally was a very young boy who was just twenty years old in 2007, and so i really made many stupid decisions due to my age and early exposure. However due to my mode of dressing, behaviour and looks, most girls really didn’t know my real age and i equally went after girls who were not very tall and with young faces, even though they might be older than i, but then it really didn’t matter, cos we all looked like mates…….

I equally didn’t know Amaka’s real age, cos she lied about everything, though i equally didn’t care. However as we all know that too much s-x with a single partner may later turn into a boring s-x life, i soon got tired of her and my eyes cleared, which then made me to start seeing her faults, which i earlier ignored in the early stages of our s-x life…….

Her smelly k---y then started to irritate me, and not only was her k---y very smelly, it equally do wet alot, which then made the whole of her k---y region very sticky and irritating during s-x…….

I was forced to stop having s-x with her on our bed, when i got tired of washing our bed-sheets almost everyday…….. And due to the nature of her body or level of wetness during s-x, her k---y was open and large enough to even swallow up a child during s-x………

Infact everything about her was really damned…….

*Till today i’m still yet to go for a free Hiv test, but my only consolation is that i’m still very healthy*…. Lol

To be continued…….
Next is “betrayal” our vforum story…..

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