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The diary series *frank’s life on campus* Episode 102


Episode 102

I tried all my best to discourage Amaka from staying with us, but all my efforts were in vain as she kept on bringing more of her clothes….

Seriously her behaviour really was much more than i bargained for, and i truly never knew that some girls could be so carefree,
“baby when are you going back to your hostel?” i finally forced myself and asked her, one wednesday morning, when we were alone,

“what’s wrong don’t you like my company anymore?” she asked me unhappily as she faced me,
“it’s not as if i do not like your company, but you know i do have a roomate” i explained, while she looked down unhappily,
“so you are sending me away because of your roomate?” she asked, as she raised up her face and looked into my eyes, while i swallowed hard and stared back at her, cos her questions really did put me in a very tight corner, which i knew not how to reply without sounding offensive, moreover even though my roomate wasn’t really happy about her constant presence, he never showed it nor complained, and so blaming him in what wasn’t his fault was what i really couldn’t do……….

“my roomate said nothing to me, it’s just for your own good that i’m asking, cos you are a girl” i heard myself say to her while she smiled at me,
“dearest it’s my body, and i’m not complaining” she answered, while i swallowed hard as i equally shruggled in resignation, infact she really was a giant bug………

Seriously i was clueless on what next to do with her, without bringing undue attention to myself, and i also couldn’t confide nor share my problems with my roomate, cos i made him believe that i was an expert in everything relating to women……..

Attending year one lectures equally wasn’t an easy thing for me, because of the massive number of students who converged at the venue of each lecture, and the crowd really was so massive that a greater number of students would even be outside during lectures, due to lack of space, and even when the lectures were held in E.T.F halls{one of the largest halls in imsu} getting a front seat, was as difficult as when a jambite is seeking for a university admission, unless you were to be in the lecture hall an hour or more before lectures……..

Truthfully i couldn’t cope up with the rush and hustle associated with year one lectures, which then made me to always relax with Amaka in our room, or hang out in other juicy spots, like “indoor sports hall” or “school love garden”, while my mates attended their lectures, and like i said earlier, Val equally distanced himself a bit from me during that period because of Amaka………

As i remember all these, i couldn’t help but smile as i equally remember what a fellow student {who was equally our class rep} once said to me when he saw me in the school “love garden” during lecture period……..

“hmmm guy it seems like love garden is now your department, take it easy oo, because next three years is not that far oo” he joked while i laughed, without knowing that he just jokinly gave me a valuable advice….

And so i was at school, betraying my parents all over again, while they hustled at home for me, with the hope that i had turned a new leaf……….

To be continued…..
“Betrayal” will be updated next {with an episode}….

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16 thoughts on “The diary series *frank’s life on campus* Episode 102

  • Faymouz

    Frank no fit change at all

  • Izuone

    Can a leopard change its spots

  • Izuone

    Nor a çasanova,his love for a woman.

  • Ijebaby

    Frank, shame no dey catch you abi?

    That Amaka girl is really something! Guys should grow a back bone if you know you want to start acting like an adult!!

  • Izuone

    True talk, that amaka na correct NFA

  • Zinny-zara

    Some galz r really crazy

  • timsezeh

    Kaai frank with all the insult your mother received because of you. you no go change?

  • SailorXY

    i’ll like to see your Bachelor of Science from the Department of Love Garden

  • Blachberrydude

    it seems those guys spamming this blog has resume. Imagine someone commenting 7 times in the last post. And all are irrelevant. Val take note.

    • tutusaint

      Please tell val to stop giving promises he can keep.
      He ia alwas promising to update this and that without keeping it.

  • Izuone

    I tire for val’s promises.he must be a politician

  • Izuone

    Promising and failing to deliver and then promise again.

  • Blachberrydude


  • Izuone

    Yeah but the upload was small.

  • Damex333

    Frank? Change? Mba

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