Episode 103

I finally confided in Val and told him everything concerning my affair with Amaka, while he listened attentively as i narrated my ordeal, fears and regrets to him…..

“it’s very easy to make her go away nah” he said to me, while i looked at him in surprise, cos i wasn’t expecting any solution or advice from him, but i just told him my problems in order to carry him along, and bring him close again, since we were no longer as close as we used to be……

“what do you mean?” i asked anxiously,
“it’s very easy to discharge her, just lie that you will be travelling for two weeks, it will equally make her to find her own way” he said to me, while i smiled as i understood the message he was trying to pass across, cos once i fake my travel, she will have no other choice than to seek her own way…….

“what if she later return” i asked like a child, while he smiled,
“lets just leave that for now” he replied, while i nodded happily as my respect for him equally grew, cos the little boy really has some wisdom in his head,

“what a good partner he will make” i said to myself as i watched him…….

His plan was really a very perfect one, but being who i was, i still wanted to have s-x with Amaka one more time before letting her go, and so later in the evening, Val and i went to a mallam’s shop across the road where we bought a pack of condom…….

After our night meal, he left us and went to the next room, while i smiled as i quickly grabbed Amaka, who equally smiled and rested on me,
“naughty boy” she whispered seductively into my ear, while i slipped in my left middle finger into her k---y and began stroking it, which made her to wriggle her waist, as she equally caressed me, but however i didn’t finger her for long, cos as i said earlier she wets alot, and when i noticed her fluid, i quickly withdrew my fingers……….

I then focused on her bosoms, which i s----d for a while, before pushing her to
the bed, where i brought out my joystick, slowly inserted a condom
on it, before gently penetrating her
sweet wet k---y, while she let out a moan…….

I knacked her slowly for a while before rotating my waist in a clockwise motion, which she really enjoyed and
even screamed for me to rotate faster…….

Second round was all d----e and i rammed
her very fast and hard while her spacious wet k---y recieved me very well with great abandon……….

Third round, i made her lie facedown on the bed{lie on her stomach} while my joystick entered her k---y through her as.s region, where i then gave her the final
round of pounding which shook her so much that she even precipitated before me………

Truthfully our room was so messed up that night……..

The following morning, val came in to our room with an inquisitive look on his face, and i knew he was very eager to know how it all went, which really made me to smile…….

I Finally sold him a made up story which he believed, cos i never did tell him about Amaka’s excessive fluid that period, because i really knew not how he would feel, moreover the rug in our room and bed sheets were his………

To be continued……

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