Episode 104

Val’s plan worked very well and Amaka left us in peace for a while, but after two weeks she started visiting again, but i was very careful and cautious in dealing with her this time around, which even made me not to touch her again. She soon noticed my changed behaviour, which equally made her very uncomfortable, and as a smart girl she needed no one to tell her that our affair was finally over, and so she gradually reduced her visits and later stopped visiting which very much delighted me…….

However all these happened in the first semester of my first year, and so i really had no chance for another stupid behaviour, cos Amaka really freaked me out with her character, which equally left a lasting impression on me. Even though i really did not spend much on her during our brief relationship, she still dried my pocket, cos i fed her all through…….

Our first semester examination soon arrived, and we all faced it like students, however the exam was very easy cos it was “objective questions” all through, and the number of students who equally sat for it, were really so much and overwhelming to our lecturers that we were even allowed to stay five per bench………

“Hmmm, and who would fail such exam?” I wonder

second semester immediately commenced after our first semester examination, without even a little break, which then made most students to stay back in their hostels, while those that did a little travel were students living close by…….

“guy you are not a good person” Emeka said to me one saturday morning, and two weeks into our second semester, which really made me to feel guilty cos i had not even for once called to ask how he was doing, since i packed into my new hostel,

“you just forgot all about your friend, just because you were lucky enough to scale through after everything abi?” he asked, while i muttered an apology,
“anyway i’m now a student in Alvan{F.C.E}” he said to me, while i shouted happily,
“serious! since when?” i asked, but he just kept quiet for a while,
“you are crazy, do you think i called to answer your questions eeh?, if you want to ask me anything, you call me yourself” he said, while i laughed,
“don’t worry i will be in your school this evening” i said to him…….

4:00pm, i left for Emeka’s new school with Val, who was very happy to follow me cos he was yet to visit that part of Owerri, and so together we entered Alvan Ikoku federal college of education, which was still a state institution in 2007…….

Emeka stood at the main gate where he waited for us, and he smiled happily when he saw us,
“guy longest time ooo!” i said as we shook hands happily, while i looked him over at the same time. Truthfully i noticed he had aged and reduced a bit, which really made me to feel guilty, as i remembered what i passed through at home before finally scaling through the high fence of Imo state university, however his looks didn’t surprise me, cos he is human, and i really do not think that there is anybody who wouldn’t reduce and age after messing up his opportunity in a university, only to be dumped in a state college of education, moreover i knew he must have passed through hell at home……

As i remembered all the things we did together which he was paying the price alone, my eyes fell on Val, which made me to swallow hard as a stupid thought rushed into my head,

“last year Emeka was like a teacher and a big brother to me, and he paid for our sins, this time i’m now like a big brother to Val, hope i won’t be the one to pay for both our sins in the end eeh?” i reasoned, as fear jumped into me, cos one funny thing about me, was i knew that i was misbehaving, yet i continued to misbehave………

To be continued……
Next is “betrayal” 5:30pm GMT…..

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