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The diary series *frank’s life on campus* Episode 105


Episode 105

“my brother life is not easy oo” Emeka said as he led us to a small room which was divided into two with a curtain,
“this is where i’m now managing with a roomate” he equally added while i felt pity for him, cos the room had no window and i wondered how he survived inside that incubator of a room…,.

“my parents nearly disowned me last year, but i was very lucky, because i’m a bit closer to my dad than my other siblings, which made him to forgive me and consult one of his friends who offered me admission into this school that i hate very much, but i had to accept it because i had no choice” he explained, while i listened attentively…..

“so my studies are now my top priority, but that dosen’t mean i have stopped my sexcapades oo, just that i have limited it to weekends, because i do need to pass out with a good grade in this school, so that my dad could be able to fulfill his promise of sending me to india” he added with a smile…….

Alvan wasn’t a highly rated or regarded school that period, and it was a school where most students who were tired of writing Jamb do end up in, however i currently don’t know the recent value of the school, cos much has changed in our education system and the school is equally now a federal college of education……

Emeka’s room was so uncomfortable due to lack of air that we were forced to go outside, where we stood and discussed our lives, and it wasn’t long before two lovely girls approached where we stood, while Emeka smiled happily,

“meet my sweet heart mercy” he introduced one of them who was short and a bit fair in complexion to us, while she equally greeted,
“and meet my sweet cousin sandra” he introduced the second girl who was a bit matured than the first girl and equally more beautiful with lovely curves, while i smiled sweetly as i admired her……

“d--n she is so sexy” i muttered within my breathe, while Emeka gave me a knowing look, smiled and said nothing, Val equally said nothing, though he hardly talks much…….

As i admired sandra, i knew my joy wouldn’t be complete without having her, and my heart beat rapidly as i immediately thought of a nice approach which i will use in winning her heart, little did i know that i was equally about sticking myself to a relationship which i wouldn’t easily be able to free myself from, and which would almost cost me my friendship with my roomate and even Emeka……

“i like sandra” i heard myself say to Emeka when the girls left us, while he shruggled uneasily,
“she is my distant cousin, but i don’t think you are good for her, so better look for another girl, but if you insist and later break her heart, you will have me to answer, i don’t need to remind you of my power” he said with a smile while i nodded, and said nothing……..

But truthfully if i had known how things would end between sandra and i, i wouldn’t have ignored Emeka’s threat, but then our mistakes are really a big teacher of lessons, but one thing about me was that i kept on making the same mistakes over and over again, and as Val once said,

“maybe an unhappy uncle or unseen force do have a hand in my plight”, cos unlike most guys i do succeed in getting almost 80% of girls i go after, even though i have nothing to offer them, apart from my sweet mouth and joystick…….

Oh I just wish my children will not inherit this unwanted gene in me……

But one thing i knew for sure, “is only true love that will redeem me”………

When, where and how, i really don’t know…….

To be continued…….
Thanks for being by my side…….

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19 thoughts on “The diary series *frank’s life on campus* Episode 105

  • desertboom

    Nice story so far. . . I’m just curious to know something. What later happened to Mike? Mike the cultist that embezzled your money. Was he later healed? How was his reaction after the incident?


    Kk bro it seems like you skipped some episodes, {because some where hidden} and you are viewing as a guest….. Mike’s mum later got involved and agreed to pay #10000 which mike’s sister brought the following day….. While Emeka gave her the antidote and samples of the leaves he mixed in preparing the charm…. Should i send you the link?? Also remember to log in with your username as the password in order not to skip other episodes….


    Buh the episode featuring the return of mike is still yet to be posted, cos the story is posted as it happened{day to day}…..

  • Izuone

    Lol @ frank blaming his enemies for his womanizing ways

  • Izuone

    This is the problem of most africans , looking for who to blame for our failures and mistakes

  • tutusaint

    Val, na waaaoooo.
    Frank has graduated from a student to a teacher

  • Lammyjoe

    Cool….me self weant to knw d end of Mik after u guyz collected 10K frm his sister @ park

  • desertboom

    @coolval. . . Thanks for the clarification. I’m just curious to know about his return after the terrible incident. I’ll be following you gradually to that point. Thanks

  • Blachberrydude

    frank let me ask u one question if u are always successful with 80% of girls wht of emeka ur boss?

  • Franky

    Emeka tried because he had experience and age in his side, but i used many girls more than him

  • Zinny-zara

    Na wa oh

  • Izuone

    Why are you using girls ? Are you a user?

  • timsezeh

    Frank man I fear u

  • Izuone


  • Blachberrydude

    wow thts awesome

  • Ijebaby

    Frank what do you know about true love? Hahaha!

  • SailorXY

    u see? he has started blaming an uncle who is sleeping quietly in the village ooo

  • Damex333

    Uncle or no uncle d fact remains that u too like woman. E too much.

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