Episode 107

In a bid to win sandra’s heart, i made a lot of promises and sacrifices which i shouldn’t have made, but then just because she was my new conquest, i made them all without second thoughts……..

However one good thing about her, was that she never carried herself up or hid her financial status from me, but then it also made me to carry a whole lot of problems in my head……

“all these won’t get us anywhere, i even have no hostel accomodation at the moment, i’m just squatting in my friend’s room, so you see why i said it won’t work out between us?” she said to me, one saturday morning when we met in her school, cos even though she accepted me as her friend, she really found it very hard to accept me as a lover, because according to her,

“i was still a student and too young for her” while my own plan was just to taste her p---y and go without knowing what fate already had in store for me……..

“you can move in to my room, while we figure out how to pay for your accomodation” i said with an evil smile, while she returned the smile,
“no thanks, i can’t move in to live with you” she replied, which made me to hold her hands softly,
“c’mon what’s wrong in it?, i don’t want you to be a squatter anymore, moreover my room is very comfortable and equally near your school” i said sweetly like a guy with a hidden agenda,

“everything is wrong in it, moreover you have a roomate” she answered, while i laughed
“hmmm that boy is not really my roomate, but just a guy i’m helping out, he won’t be a problem” i replied as i looked into her eyes while she looked away,
“i will think about it” she replied………..

Few days later, she visited and i forced her to spend the night in my room, which she did and i equally didn’t disturb nor touch her that night, which really made her to relax, and from that day she quietly brought in her things, which really wasn’t much, but just few clothes, shoes and books, and from the moment our love life equally kicked off………

She was very good in bed and equally strong like a wild cat during s-x, that i never did get tired of having s-x with her, but one other issue about her was that she had numerous male friends who always called her on phone, which i hated very much and which equally made us to quarrel often……

So the first thing i did after our first s-x was to discourage other guys from disturbing her, which equally earned us our first fight…….

On that particular evening, she had recieved three phone calls from three different guys, within fifteen minutes, which really got me angry,

“i don’t like the number of guys who always call you every evening?” i heard myself complain bitterly, while she murmured something inaudible,
“what did you say?” i asked,
“nothing” she replied, but it wasn’t up to 10minutes when her phone rang again,
“hey Jude wassup” she said excitedly as she answered the phone call, while i shifted uneasily on my bed,
“first it was mark, later daniel and stanley, now it’s Jude nawaoo!” i said to myself as anger got over me, i snatched her phone, ended the call, opened her phone and took her sim card

“i will buy a new sim card for you” i said to an astonished sandra, who immediately grabbed me by the collar, when she got herself from the shock and surprise which my action threw her in,”but then i had to do what i did, in order to show her that i was incharge, which she seemed not to know”

But then, a powerful slap from her surprised and almost blinded my vision, while she equally charged at me as she reached for her simcard which i held in my right hand, i dodged my hand instantly, but it only made her to charge on me again, this time around head first as she grabbed me by the stomach, sending both of us down from the bed,

“chineke mu ee{my gawd}” escaped my lips as my back landed on the floor,

“jeez” i have never met a girl so d--n strong like sandra…….

To be continued……

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