Episode 108

“what do you think you are doing?” i heard myself bark at her, which seemed to keep her in check, cos she immediately got up from my body, when she heard my voice and looked at me with apology written all over her face…….

“i’m so sorry” she apologized, while i heaved a sigh of relief as i sat up,
“seriously i never knew some girls could be so strong, and my waist hurt as i sat up…..

However she really was no match for me, cos no matter how strong a girl is, a guy will always be stronger, but then she really had a very great strength which is very rare in ladies, and i couldn’t help but remember the wwE female wrestler “mickey james” anytime i think about her, cos i even began to “gym” because of her strength………

“i’m sorry it won’t happen again” she apologized as she held my hand softly, while i stared at her and said nothing, cos i really was clueless on what next to say to her…..

“please let me have my simcard, i have a lot of contacts i wouldn’t want to lose” she begged, while i returned her simcard, climbed my bed and faced the wall in silence……..

I soon felt her hand, as she touched my chest and kissed my ear,

“are you still angry dear?” she asked me, while i kept mute and closed my eyes. But her palms really was so sweet as she caressed me, though i still kept quiet and pretended to be sad……

She slowly reached for my knicker, pulled it off and grabbed my joystick, which was soon in her warm mouth, as she played with my balls……

“oh sandra” i finally heard myself groan, when i couldn’t hold myself any longer, which made her to smile, as she pulled off her s-x.y nightie, while her huge bosoms dangled as she bent to resume her work on my joystick…….

Seriously she really had the strength, shape, body, and looks to competite for anything, and her k---y equally wasn’t smelly, too tight nor too lose…….

I finally grabbed her roughly, kissed her for a while, brought out my rubber, wore it immediately and penetrated her in a missionary style……..

Oh i still do miss her body till this day, and one other good thing about her, was that she is very good in apologizing, both when she was at fault and when i was at fault, and she equally knew how to make me happy……..

If not for her age, maybe i would have considered keeping her for marriage……

To be continued……

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