Episode 109

“baby three guys came looking for you this afternoon” sandra said to me, when i returned from school around 4:30pm friday evening, very tired, hungry, and angry, cos a lecturer had made us stay in school till 4pm because of a test which never held, and so i wasn’t in a happy mood that evening and i truly wouldn’t have stayed in school till that time, but just that i didn’t want to repeat my pre-degree mistakes again, especially in assignments and tests…….

“are you sure i’m the person they were looking for?” i asked her, cos i knew i had few male friends, moreover none of them even knew where i lived that period,
“they called your name, but they also said they will be back” she replied, while i shruggled, changed my clothes, and ate my food which she kept for me, without giving second thoughts on who those guys really were…….

But as i was playing football with other hostel mates at the back of our hostel, the following evening, three guys entered the compound, and marched into our hostel without even noticing us, and their movement really made me very suspicious, as i remembered the three wise men who looked for me the previous day…….

I really didn’t know what pushed me to follow them, and i abandoned the football i was playing, and followed them quietly, they soon stopped at my door and knocked, but luckily sandra wasn’t in my room that evening, because she went to make her hair, and there really was something about them, which really scared me from meeting them, but instead i hid behind a wall and peeped at them, while they continued to knock on my door…….

Then slowly i recognised the face of one of them, and he was no other person than the guy Emeka sent down with a blow on the head, the day Micheal set us up and ambushed us with his crew in “4 in 1 hostel”

“d--n” i cursed, cos i saw Micheal and his gang had returned for a rematch, and they came when i was “a man down” and defenceless, but then i never did believe Micheal could still have the morale to come for me after what happened to him,

or was his gang just acting on their own? I wondered as i continued to peep at them, but then i needed nobody to tell me that it was just a matter of time before i would finally be caught, since they already knew where i reside………

Moreover cultists never backs out from any fight involving a Jew……..

Kpoom kpoom kpoom! My heart pounded as i watched them, and i really was clueless on what next to do……..

To be continued………
Next is “betrayal”

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