Episode 110

I was scared all through that evening as i equally thought of a solution, and so frightened i was, that Sandra even noticed my tensed mood which made her to ask me countless times whether i was okay, but i really couldn’t bring myself to tell her my situation, and all i did was just to force a smile,
“don’t worry dear, i’m fine” i always replied…..

The following morning i called Emeka on phone and told him all about my new problem, but there really was nothing he could do about it, moreover he equally wasn’t in the same school with me any longer……

“you know there is nothing i can do for now, and we can’t physically fight them. I also can’t leave my school and stay in your hostel just to wait for them” he had replied,
“what of your charms nah? Can’t you prepare something for me?” i asked hopelessly

“my charms don’t work that way, you are not yet sure of your main enemy, so it will be useless preparing charms for an unknown enemy” he replied, while i sweated in deep despair…….

I was forced to call Micheal on phone that same morning in order to hear what he has to say, but his phone rang fifteen times yet he refused to answer it, which really shattered and broke down my nervous system, cos i needed nobody else to tell me that moment, that i was facing a masked enemy…….

Supposing i had enough money, i would have bought protection for myself by hiring guys ever ready for a dirty body-guard job, but then i could barely feed myself and sandra, and so couldn’t afford them……..

I equally couldn’t bring myself to flee from my room, even though it seemed like the best Idea that moment, but where to hide and what to tell sandra were equally some issues which hindered me from fleeing my room……

Luckily they didn’t show up again that weekend, even though i spent it in my room with fear as i thought of a solution which never came……..

Monday morning, i found myself in Andy’s room where i calmly sat on a stool, as i narrated my problem to him. He was a final year student that year and equally a strong member of a cult group some bad guys call RBC, which equally was the strongest rival cult group that always challenged Micheal’s own group even till this day……..

Andy and i were equally a bit close, cos we do smoke together at the back of our hostel, and so we had the kind of bond, which chain smokers do have with each other…….

“So what do you want me to do?” he asked with a smile, when i finished my story,

“i need your protection bro” i answered hastily, while he breathed deeply as he stared directly into my eyes……

Do you think Andy will help me, since i do not belong to his cult group??……

Watch out for the next episode, this evening 17:30GMT
To be continued……..

Coming up next is “betrayal” 12:30GMT

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