Episode 111

“hmmm my guy protection is very expensive and a difficult thing to ask for in this campus, nobody is safe including me oo” he said with a grin, while i shifted uneasily where i sat……

“bro haba i’m not asking for much nah, just shield your man abeg” i pleaded desperately,

“bro we don’t shield or fight for non members, it is against our policy and even if you are our member, we still follow due process before fighting any group” he explained, while i scratched my head……

“if i should defend you and something erupts out of it, i will be queried and punished in my group, which i can’t afford do, moreover i’m now in my final year and i even need peace more than you” he added while i shook my head sorrowfully, cos he really was my last hope…….

“supposing the guys after you are jews, i would have done something, but you see they are not, so my hands are tied” he equally added, when he saw the look of depression on my face……

With a heavy heart, i sighed and stood up to leave.
“thanks for your time bro” i heard myself say to him,
“but there is still another solution” he said as he eyed me, while i stopped hopefully and faced him…….

“please tell me the solution, i’m ready to do anything” i said desperately, while he laughed,
“don’t say that till you hear what i have to say hahaha” he said with laughter……..

“you are a good kegite, a strong palm wine carried member, a good do.pe man with tough body, and i also see how you control your women, but you still have something lacking, which men dey use vex for you” he said with a smile, while i stared at him with a fast beating heart,

“no matter all your good qualities, you are still a stinking jew” he said coldly……

“haba bros no be so nah” i heard myself say,

“you see, you need to get yourself blended in order to know the whole roads in this school, without blending, you are nothing, even if you have a thousand blended souls as friends, none will help you when you are in trouble until you blend” he lectured while i laughed politely……..

“bro it has been in my mind all these while to join correct men in this school, but i’m still new here nah” i explained with a cunning smile, cos one thing i learnt on time was never to behave as if cultism is a sin in front a cultist………

“weed + kegite = fine-guy, so your life is already damned and you are no saint, so come blend with us, orientation is not hard” he said as he gave me a small nylon bag containing fresh weed,
“prepare it lets smoke jor” he commanded……

Truly cultism is very very tempting, when you are being brainwashed to join…….

Hmmmm Did frank join them?…….

Watch out for tomorrows episode @ 8:30GMT
To be continued……

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