Episode 112

We smoked together in his room, where he continued to ‘brainwash’ me, but then even though i do love adventures a lot, i really couldn’t get myself to join them, not because of the dangers associated with it, but just because i do love my freedom, moreover i knew once i did join them, my freedom would equally be handed over to them, and i had also witnessed what they do to ‘erring’ members especially those who failed to attend their meetings or pay their dues, the properties of such member is seized and he sometimes is even beaten, and truly there really is no fun in it, cos their laws and rules are so much that you even may end up breaking them everyday, especially if you are a *newbie*……..

However their initiations and fights isn’t that bad the way it’s being shown in home videos, but then the best thing that can happen to any student on campus, is to be a ‘jew’ even though sometimes you may be robbed, humiliated, embarrassed and beaten……….

I later returned to my room with red eyes and head filled up with ‘weed smoke’ while sandra eyed me angrily,
“so you left your room early this morning just to go and smoke eeh?” she asked angrily, while i sat on my bed and smiled to her
“baby abeg find me food nah?” i said to her. she sighed and obeyed……

After eating that morning i slept off like a child and only woke when sandra shook me quietly,
“your phone is ringing” she said to me, as she handed my phone over to me, and when i checked who was calling, it was no other person than my course mate Ekene calling

“guy are you in school?, i heard they shot someone at ‘school back gate this morning’?” he asked while i immediately sat up in shock,
“shoot kwa! Nooo i’m not in school sha, so i don’t know” i replied,

“guy i think another war is about to start oo, na so i hear am, i won’t even enter school again this week” he said to me before ending the call, while i prayed for it to be one of my enemies that was shot………

Later in the evening, i went to Andy’s room to confirm the news i heard, cos as we all know, cultists are always well informed in any school news, but i met his door locked. I brought out my phone and dialed his number…….

“bros where are you nah, i dey your room?” i asked, when he answered his phone
“my guy i don travel oo, no time for the devil” he replied, while i gasped in disbelief,
“you never hear wetin dey happen for school eeh?, dem fall one guy this morning, brother me don waka oo, i need peace” he said in his usual tone before i ended the call…….

Around 6pm Emeka called me on phone,
“guy i have some friends who are a bit stranded, abeg grant them refuge in your room, since your roomate is not around, they are coming from okwu uratta abeg” he said to me, while i was unable to mutter anything cos the whole thing looked like a movie to me…….

7:15pm, i heard a knock on my door and when i opened it, there stood three guys sweating and breathing heavily, each with a bag slung on his shoulder……

To be continued……
Next is our crime story 17:00GMT…..

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