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The diary series *frank’s life on campus* Episode 114


Episode 114

Caleb finally returned to his hostel the following day, while val returned on sunday, and he really wasn’t happy, when he saw that sandra was staying permanently in our room, but as usual he never did complain, while my affair with sandra continued to grow stronger by each passing day, as she equally began to behave like a wife to me……

I didn’t hear from nor saw anyone from Micheal’s group the following week, which really made my mind to calm down, as i focused on other issues, and that was equally the week i met another girl who caught my fancy………

Stella was a sales girl in one of the shops along works road, and her dark beauty really attracted me to her, while her average sized bosoms and big back side took away my sense of reasoning, as i went after her like a native male fowl who saw a female hen early in the morning. Her shop soon became my second room as i frequented there as if it was my own shop, while Val played a good role by always being my companion anytime i went there…….

As usual Stella tried to do the normal hard to get thing, which girls are known for, but i persisted and she finally accepted me, even though she made it clear that she would never visit me, which i gladly accepted, which Val laughed at me as we discussed it later that night,

“bros relax nah, you will see how it will end” i said confidently to him, while he shruggled……

As for sandra, she knew i was up to something, but she really couldn’t place her finger on it, cos she had no evidence, which then made her to try buying my roomate to her side, which equally was a very futile deed, cos not only was val my roomate, he was equally like a brother to me,

“you better be careful, sandra is a very smart girl, she is already asking lots of questions, and she may soon figure it all out” Val had warned me…….

She truly soon figured it out, when a stupid neighbour opened his dirty mouth and spoke what he knew nothing about, just because he thought he was a born again christian, who was saving a soul……

“sister sandra, hope you know that living in the same room with a boy who isn’t your husband is a very big sin, moreover the boy in question is only using and making you useless, both in the eyes of God and man, as i’m talking to you now, he is currently in a girl’s shop where he now stays every evening, so better think for your future” he had preached to her, without knowing that sandra would pour out everything he said to me………

However that evening was really dramatic when Val and i returned to our room very tired and hungry, only to see her waiting for us with a very long kitchen spoon, and also with a furious face,

“where are you coming from?” she asked angrily while my heart jumped, cos to fight with sandra isn’t an easy thing, moreover i was equally very hungry and tired……

“where are you coming from?” she asked again, as she advanced towards me, while Val shifted, sat on the bed and watched the unfolding drama with a smile, instead of helping me……

To be continued……..
Thanks alot for your patience Dearest friends……..

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