Episode 115

“bia what is the meaning of that question?” i asked with a deep masculine voice, as i faced her with hands in my pocket, while she looked at me from head to toe before drawing a long sigh……

“why are you angry?” i asked calmly, as i held her left hand, which really provoked her immensely, that she hit my right hand very hard with the iron spoon on her hand,

“go away jor and stop pretending, or do you think i do not know about the girl you visit in her shop every evening?” she asked angrily, while i swallowed hard as i watched her,

“i don’t know what you saw or heard, but all i can say is that you are very wrong in all of them” i replied as i rubbed my right hand, which really was paining me due to the spoon she hit on it, but Surprisinly Val stood up and faced her…..

“you should have asked well before taking any action, anyway we do visit that shop together because i’m interested in the sales girl, but i’m always very shy to go there alone, that is why frank always do accompany me there” he explained to her, while i gasped at val with surprise and disbelief, cos i never expected such wise words from him nor knew he could be able to cook up something so simple, but extremely helpful for my defence……..

Sandra’s jaw dropped, when she heard him and she stared at me with pleading eyes,

“baby i’m so sorry” she apologised, while i sighed and eyed her,

“val lets go and buy something, i don’t think there is any food waiting for us here” i said to my roomate, who immediately followed me…….

“nna mehn you are too much, thanks alot” i said to him, when we got outside, while he just smiled,

“but the way i dey see sandra, hmmm that girl nah lion ooo, see muscle everywhere for her body, as she dey provoke” he joked………

We ignored sandra as we took bread and tea that night, while she sat on the bed and watched us unhappily, and later that night when my roomate had gone very far in his sleep, she took off her clothes, climbed and lay on my body,

“what is the meaning of this?” i asked angrily, even though my joystick was already swinging wildly,

“i’m so sorry nah, won’t you have done the same if you were in my position this evening?” she begged, while i swallowed hard and said nothing,

“say something nah?” she pleaded, as i breathed heavily……

“what gave you the impression that i’m seeing another girl?” i asked, while she shifted uneasily on my body,
“just my instinct” she replied quietly,

“okay since you don’t want to tell me, lets forget it” i said harshly, while she kissed my lips,

“don’t just vex nah, it was Emma who told me about the girl, when he was preaching this evening to me” she finally explained, as she poured out the whole story which really surprised me…..

“so Emma now have the mind to say this rubbish to my girl eeh” i said to myself as i immediately planned on dealing with him, but my thoughts were soon interrupted when her left b---m landed on my mouth, which immediately opened and hungrily i s----d on her sweet n----e, while she rubbed my head……

“baby suck harder ” she whispered into my ear, as she moaned softly, which i obeyed, and we were soon caught in a state of euphoria, as we knacked each other all night with great abandon……..

To be continued…….
Coming up NEXT>> Is Betrayal….

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