Episode 116

I barged into Emma’s room the following morning, with an angry face while he stared at me with fear and surprise. Due to my behaviour and my love for weed, most hostel jews thought i was a cultist…..

“guy so you now have the mind to disturb my girl abi?” i asked angrily, while his jaw dropped as he gave me a terrified look,
“it’s better you pack out from this hostel, cos it won’t contain both of us when i’m through with you” i threatened before marching out from his room, while he just stared at me and said nothing…….

Wednesday afternoon{A week later} Val and i stood in front of the new science laboratory, where we waited for caleb to show up…..

That particular afternoon was very hot as the sun burned fiercely, while the remaining indicted cultists faced the school senate for their judgement…….

We were still waiting patiently as we sweated profusely, when Val walked up to a very young pretty girl and stopped her. My eyes bulged as i watched them in surprise, cos that afternoon was equally the first time val approached a girl in my presence…..

I equally stared in disbelief as i watched them exchange phone numbers, but then what really stunned me the most, was the girl’s beauty, cos she was just a dark angel to behold, and an african queen with a very lovely statue,

“oh she really is too good, sweet and beautiful for val” i had reasoned that moment, as my young mind immediately began to have funny thoughts………

Val soon returned to where i stood with a very happy expression on his face,
“i have been dreaming about that girl almost every night” he confessed, while i smiled,
“she really make sense sha” i muttered with a fake smile, while i planned in my mind how to go after her, cos i knew my friend was too dull to make something out from his friendship with that little angel……..

“what’s her name?” i asked with a cunning smile,
“pamela” he replied, and i immediately stored her name in my head………

Caleb soon came towards us looking very unhappy and sad, and i knew that moment that the school senate must have pronounced him guilty,

“how did it go bro” i asked, while he shruggled,
“i have been suspended, for what i did not do” he managed to mutter, while i immediately felt his plight, but then the school law forbade cultism and as long as you are identified with credible evidence, you stand the chance of losing your admission, whether you did anything or not, and as i watched him, i saw he was just a shadow of himself,

“how will his parents react when they hear this news” i wondered as i stared at him, moreover he was just a little boy and a first year student,
“how he joined the group so fast, i really didn’t know, or maybe he had joined before even becoming an Imsu student” i wondered…….

Val soon left us as he went in for his biology practical which was scheduled that same afternoon, while tears formed in caleb’s eyes as he watched him leave,

“my mates are now going in for practicals, while i’m here lamenting my fate” was his next words, and i truly felt sorry for him, because he was an optometry student…….

“Most of us never valued our school admission, until we were on the verge of losing it”………

To be continued……..
Episode 117 comes up by 3pm……

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