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The diary series *frank’s life on campus* Episode 117


Episode 117

“so what are you going to do now?” i asked caleb who just shruggled,
“i don’t just know, cos my parents are already aware” he replied while i stared at him in surprise,
“who told them?” i asked anxiously, while he shook his head and bit his lips
“a lecturer who is my dad’s friend informed them, cos my dad is a senior lecturer in unizik” he explained, while i gasped in surprise, cos i never knew he came from such a good and wealthy family,
“so what was their reaction?” i asked like a curious child…….

“i have yet spoken with any of them, but my younger brother informed me that my father will be coming to this school tomorrow” he replied with a deep sigh, while i felt terribly sorry for him…….

Val was soon through with his practical, and we headed back to our hostel, while caleb headed to his. But on our way back to our hostel, we stopped at stella’s shop, where we bought two bottles of coke and kept her company for a while……

Around 5:45pm, we returned to our room, where i concluded my plans on how to go after pamela, and an evil smile appeared on my face as i watched my roomate that evening…….

Later in the night when everyone was asleep, i crept to val’s corner where i took his phone, collected pamela’s phone number and replaced it with a wrong number, which i still saved with her name……

“step 1 finally over” i said to myself, as i gently dropped his phone where i picked it, and i immediately returned to my corner where i held sandra and soon fell asleep……

The following morning i prepared very early for school, which was very unusual of me, while val stared at me in surprise,

“hmmm why the rush to school this morning?” he had asked, while i smiled to myself, cos he really didn’t know what i was about doing to him, and i just felt that moment like the rich man described in the bible, who had a whole lot of farm animals in his house, but went to take a poor farmer’s only ewe lamb to throw a party……

As i walked to school that morning, my conscience really tried to flog me, but i cared not, because i was very determined to have sweet beautiful pamela for myself……

I equally knew it would be a very difficult feat to achieve, but i was carried away by my successful record with women, which really gingered me, and so with a smile on my face, i dialled Pamela’s phone number which soon rang……

“hello” a sweet feminine voice answered, while i cleared my throat, as i prepared myself for step 2…..

To be continued……
Thanks alot for you support friends,
Frank’s adventures continues tomorrow by 8:30am GMT…
Our love story “Betrayal” has also been updated in our vforum…..

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