Episode 118

“hello” a sweet feminine voice answered, while i cleared my throat as i prepared for the 2nd stage of my plan,

“hello” she said again as she waited for me to say something……

“hullo pamela how far” i heard myself say to her with a very calm tone,

“i’m fine, but who are you please?” she asked polietly,
“i’m the guy you gave your phone number last week, my name is Frank, have you forgotten?” i asked, while she kept quiet for a while…..

“i can’t really remember” she muttered quietly,
“don’t worry you will remember when you see me, are you already in school?” i asked,
“no i’m still on my way” she replied,
“i will call you again, in few minutes” i added,
“okay” she answered, while i breathed heavily before ending the phone call……..

Fifteen minutes later i stood with pamela in front of the school old science laboratory, where she looked me over with a very curious face, while i gave her a confident smile, as i admired her beauty over and over again……..

“your face look very familiar, but i can’t seem to place where i saw it, and i also know i never gave you my phone number” she said as she looked at me curiously, while i smiled,
” how can you be so sure of that?” i asked innocently,
“this phone number is just an Mtn number i bought yesterday morning, so you see?” she was saying, before she instantly stopped and looked at me in surprise and shock…….

“yea now i remember! i saw you with Val yesterday afternoon” she said as she pointed at me in bewilderment, while i shook inside a little, cos i never knew she noticed me the previous day,

“did val set you up to this?” she asked as the colour of her eyes changed, while i tried to deny val as i shruggled,
“sure you know what you are talking about?” i asked with a dirty smile, while she hissed and tried to walk away, but i grabbed her left hand and held her strongly……..

“we are yet to finish talking nah” i said quietly, as i swallowed hard, while she eyed me furiously,

“i don’t know the kind of game both of you are trying to play, but just tell him that you didn’t see me, i thought he is a nice guy, but now i know better, abeg leave me jor” she said angrily as she snatched her hand from me, while i bit my lips as i looked around to see whether anyone was watching us……..

That was equally when my eyes opened, and i realised the seriousness and gravity of what i had done, “I had caused my friend his first chance of having a girlfriend”, because i needed nobody to tell me that moment, that pamela would never listen to nor trust Val again, and i just felt like a ‘back-stabber’ and a bad friend, but then such is life, we always regret an action only when the deed is already done or when we fail…….

As i turned to go back to my department with a beaten look, i came ‘face to face’ with Val who gave me a very suspicious look,

“what are you doing here” he asked curiously, while i forced out a smile……

Seriously i really didn’t know why it even took him time to read the dark message on the wall……

Hmmm, i guess it’s because he trusted me……

To be continued…….

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