Episode 119

I left school very early that thursday, cos i really couldn’t concentrate on any lecture, and i even left without calling or checking on my roomate which was highly unusual, but then i couldn’t really get myself to check on him, because my conscience was flogging me…….

I was almost asleep that afternoon when Val barged into our room looking very furious and mean. I immediately sat up and stared at him suspiciously with a guilty mind, cos i knew not what he was up to……

Sandra was yet to return from her own school that afternoon, which then left Val and i alone in our room…..

“i know what you did” he accused angrily with a clenched fist, while i feigned surprise in his outburst and unusual behaviour,

“what are you talking about?” i heard myself ask with a fast beating heart, while he eyed me angrily, seriously if looks could kill, i would have been dead a hundred times over, with the way he looked at me with his burning eyes that afternoon…….

“stop pretending you have already done your mind, what i do not know is what you intend to achieve with it, anyway i have lost her and you won, you can now celebrate” he poured out angrily and harshly to me, while his words smote my heart like an arabian spear, cos he has never raised his voice on me before, but then, i knew i equally deserved to be yelled at, because i really messed up the friendship and brotherly love we shared……

I also had never seen him that angry before, which equally showed me that he was highly offended and hurt by my stupid action, and i knew he would have slapped or dealt with me supposing he was older or stronger…….

Our room was thrown into a horrifying silence as he opened our wardrope and brought out his travelling bag, which he opened and packed in few clothes into, while my conscience continued to flog me, and in a pitiable state i was, as my heart continued to leap up and down as i watched him……..

I felt like to kneel and apologize profusely to him that moment but my pride stood in the way and all i did was just to stare as he packed some of his clothes into the bag……

He soon stood up, gave me a very long look, carried his bag and walked away without another word, while my heart bled as i quivered and bit my lips in agony, cos there really is nothing more painful than to betray a very close friend, moreover betrayal is a double edged sword which wounds both the betrayer and the betrayed………

“Greed is not a good thing” i said to myself as i shook my head in agony, cos i really saw nothing else which pushed me into that stupid act………..

I guess that was equally the moment Val started to look for another accomodation behind my back…….

To be continued……..
Frank’s adventures continues tomorrow morning…. Thanks alot for your support….
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