Episode 12

“please don’t break my heart, cos i can’t bear it if you do” she pleaded when we finally broke our kiss, while i smiled and carried her on my laps as i sat on my bed,
“thanks for trusting me with your heart dearest and i promise to keep it safe” i said to her as i kissed her again……

Chinyere is really a lovely, simple young girl, who really believed so much in love, without thinking of the hazards or the risk involved, and i knew most teenage girls are equally very much that way, and when they finally suffer their first and second heartbreak, they now generalize that all guys are the same, and then start their own game….

However what they knew not, is that sometimes they {the teenage girls} are really at fault or to be blamed in a way, by rushing into what they knew nothing about, due to pressure, and equally due to the kind of love they see in our home videos, without knowing that they are just being misinformed by the unrealistic kind of love being portrayed in it……

Seriously that’s really the reason most guys do prefer teenagers, cos they are inexperienced, caring, trusting, loyal and more obiedient than their senior sisters…..

However even though it is a very big crime in our country, to engage in teenage love affair{under 18 girls}, it is not seriously criticised, thereby allowing this heinous crime to go unchecked. I’m n’t a saint either, but sometimes we just do things we know is morally bad, just because we know that we will get away with it at the end of the day…..

And as we gazed at each other that day, i knew that the end of our relationship will really change her character, which seriously made me feel very guilty, but then her love wasn’t strong enough to stop me from my exploits, and i equally knew that i may not be lucky again to decieve her next time, because i knew that a next time was surely on its way, “since we are living in the same compound”…..

“what are you thinking?”, she asked me with a smile moments later, while i forced a smile,
“just thinking of you dear” i replied truthfully while she blushed,
“but i’m right here with you nah” she said to me, and just that moment my phone rang… she streched her hand, and grabbed it from the table where i left it……

“Hmmmm ngozi”, she muttered as she handed me my phone….

“hw far?” i said quietly when i accepted the phone call,
“see your way? You have forgotten about me abi?” ngozi{my old landlady’s daughter & girlfriend in the village} asked me over the phone,
“i’m so sorry, it’s just school work” i apologised,
“no wahala i will be in owerri tomorrow to do something for my mum, so get yourself ready for my visit” she announced happily, in order for me to be excited, but instead my heart jumped, cos she was the last person i was expecting to see, moreover since i travelled to onitsha the previous year, our relationship has really been very shaky… while chinyere was also on my laps that moment, waiting for me to end the phone call before bombarding me with questions…

“Oh lawd help thy son!” i exclaimed in my mind…..

To be continued….
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