Episode 120

“did your roomate travel again?” sandra asked me later in the night, while i just nodded as my conscience continued to flog me. The following morning i had to call Val and apologize, cos i couldn’t bear the torment anymore,

“i’m very sorry for the events of yesterday, it won’t happen again” i apologized,
“nawa oo is it why you are calling this morning eeh?, i have already forgotten about it nah, moreover i will never fight with you because of a girl” he had replied, while i heaved a sigh of relief,
“thanks bro but where are you nah?” i asked,
“i dey village” he replied,
“so when are you returning?” i curiously asked,
“probably by sunday or monday” he answered…..

I was very much relieved that he answered me nicely, but then i still felt somehow, because he exhibited the kind of maturity which was expected from me as his senior……

“Hmmm all the same, thank God we didn’t fight” i said as i rubbed my face with my palms……

By friday afternoon, Sandra’s school had a little “workers strike” which made the school to close for a short break, and she travelled that same weekend leaving me alone in our room, and once again i had the chance and free liberty to do as i wished, which then made me to focus all my attention on stella the sales girl……..

For reasons best known to him, val didn’t return to our room the following week, but instead attended school from home, even though he had earlier assured me that all was well between us, but then that is equally one thing i hate the most in quiet people, “they are very fond of keeping secrets in their mind”. Anyway i didn’t complain since i caused the whole thing at first, and i then spent most of my time after school with stella as i kept on playing mr nice to her…….

I do stay with her till 9pm when she closes for the night, and i would then excort her to Imsu junction where she would take a cab going to orji, which was where she lived with her Madam, and that was my routine throughout that week, until on friday evening when i ran into Micheal and his gang again……

The time was 9:15pm that fateful evening, when stella entered a cab which immediately zoomed off, i crossed the road and headed towards works layout, which was very lonely and a bit dark with few cars speeding by…..

I didn’t even take up to three steps, when someone grabbed my trouser from behind, and i immediately turned to see three other guys and micheal with dirty smiles on their faces as they surrounded me…….

My strength instantly jumped into my stomach, and i felt like a cornered rat in the midst of hungry cats…..

I muttered a quick prayer as i stared at them with a fast beating heart……..

“frank how far? Longest time?” Micheal said to me as he brought out his hand for a handshake, while i quivered at the sight of his hand, because i feared he might have rubbed a charm on it, just like Emeka did to him…….

To be continued…….

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