Episode 121

“how far nah?” micheal said to me again with an extended hand, while i eyed him suspiciously and said nothing as i sweated,

“seriously i don’t know what to do you, because you are too small for me” he said with a smile, while the guy who held my trouser, slapped me hard on the back of my head and another guy kicked me hard on the leg, which really pained me, but i bravely endured it all, even though tears formed in my eyes……

“guys lets free him sha, he is just a small boy” i heard Micheal say, which equally surprised me and all i did was just to stare at him with an open mouth, because i really couldn’t believe my ears that moment…..

“you said make we free him?” the guy who held me asked in surprise,
“yea lets free him, na big fuc.k up if we should waste all our time here beating him, when we are already late for where we dey go” he explained, while the guy who held me, reluctantly freed me……..

“nna eeh you for allow me to deal with this boy, hope you still remember how he and his friend almost killed snow last year?” he protested,
“guy lets leave it for another day, after all no be him even hit snow with stick dat day, na his friend” micheal replied, while the other guy who earlier held me, shruggled with a sigh…..

“oya waka waka boy, run to your hostel and don’t look back, nah woman go kill you for this school” micheal shouted at me, while i nodded in appreciation like a child who was sent on an errand with biscuit as a gift, and i ran to my hostel with God’s praises on my lips that evening, cos i never expected them to free me without first drawing blood out from my body……

Yet it never stopped me from going out late evenings, cos it was the only time stella do have a little chance for me, and so the following evening i was in stella’s shop again, where i finally convinced her to follow me to my room, and she had to close her shop an hour before the scheduled time, just because of me…….

She followed me with hesitation that fateful saturday evening, and equally kept on singing that she will only spend five minutes in my room, while i nodded in agreement, as i planned the next step in my mind…..

“moreover it is also time to add her as one of my conquests” i reasoned as i licked my lips, while she sat on the edge of my bed like an innocent virgin in love……..

So as my mates were struggling and burning night candles in order to break the school academic records, i spent my own time planning on how to sleep with as many girls as possible, and i really did succeed, cos most of them were unfortunate to fall under my spell, though not without a price…….

Hmmmm and so lets continue with stella the 2nd girl who did an abortion for me…….

To be continued……

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