“baby can you come over tomorrow?” i asked stella, when i later called her on phone that monday afternoon, while she kept quiet for a while,
“tomorrow is too sudden, but i think wednesday will be okay” she finally replied, which was equally very okay for me……

She came on wednesday afternoon, looking very rough, slim and dejected, which really touched my heart, and when we hugged, she began to cry,
“baby i’m finished” she cried, while i calmed her,
“don’t worry dear, i already have a solution,” i replied soothingly, and she stared at me with tears in her eyes,
“really?? What’s the solution?” she enquired,
“don’t worry dear, just relax first, you will get to know later” i calmly said to her, while she breathed deeply……..

“i’m so scared dear and i equally hate abortion, hope it’s not the solution you have in mind?” she asked. I played with her hair as i smiled at her,
“baby calm down, you know i will never do anything that will harm you, so relax okay!” i said to her, and she hugged me again……..

Even though i was equally terribly shaken and scared, i hid my emotions very well as i tried to calm her….
Dealing with a pregnant inexperienced girl is really not an easy task, because you need to appear composed and strong, else she will freak out and spoil the whole show, moreover your confidence is really what she needs at that moment, which you must give to her in bulk…….

“Hope your mum didn’t notice?” i asked, while she shook her head,
“she didn’t” she replied,
“but you really reduced so much” i added, and she swallowed hard as she stared at me………

“things are very hard at home, even to eat twice a day, is very difficult” she explained. My heart immediately melted as i regretted ever joining in her plight,
“if only i had listened to val” i reasoned……

“is your roomate around?” she asked, which equally broke my thoughts and i smiled to her,
“yea baby, but he is yet to return from school” i replied,
“hope you didn’t tell him about the pregnancy?” she curiously asked, while i held her hand and smiled,
“why should i??, offcourse not, i didn’t breath a word of it to him” i answered, and she heaved a sigh of relief,
“please do keep it that way okay” she pleaded, while i placed two fingers on my mouth,
“my lips are sealed” i assured her……

I later bought malt and snacks for her which she happily took, before preparing soup for us, and when val returned later in the afternoon, we secretly discussed my next step, which was on how to get abortion pills, which equally wasn’t a problem to me…..

Later in the evening, i left for orji, where the drug store i do patronize was located, and i easily bought the drugs and headed back to my room very fast, for the next and most difficult task, which was administering the drugs to her, because she really had no idea what i intended to do, morever she equally was a complete native girl who knew nothing……

And so with a beating heart, i prayed as i waited for the best opportunity and moment to present my solution to her…..

To be continued…..

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