Episode 13

“she is a good friend, and i lived in their house when i wrote my waec last year” i truthfully told her, when i was through with the phone call, while she frowned and said nothing,
“what is the matter nah?” i asked, as i drew her face to my side, but she resisted and pushed off my hand,
“hope you know that you are annoying me, what wrong did i do in answering a friend’s call eeh?” i asked her angrily, while she said nothing and still looked away,
“maybe next time i will lie to you, since you like lies alot” i said to her, which really provoked her……

She got up from my laps angrily, and made for the door, without even saying anything to me,
“hope you know that your behaviour is very childish? Have you seen any guy that dosen’t have a female friend? Or do you want to tell me that you don’t talk to your male classmates in school? If i’m doing anything with her, will i have told you who she was? Abeg go jor” i said angrily, before lying down on my bed and i faced the wall, inorder not to see her, cos i was highly annoyed, and till now i havn’t yet learn’t how to control my temper…….

She didn’t leave my room that moment, but instead stood at the door post, maybe in order for me to apologise, or call her pets names, which i knew not, cos i just ignored her as i battled with my temper……

“the way you are barking at me, is it how to speak to your girlfriend?” she later asked me, but i said nothing to her….

“i’m sorry, it’s just that i easily get jealous” i soon heard her apologise as she sat on my bed, and she caressed my chest for a while, before holding me tightly as she lay beside me, and her latest action, really sent strong signals to my head, while my joystick woke from sleep instantly, {cos it has been sleeping, since the previous night of passion i had with Rosy}, and i smiled to myself as the thought of a ‘quickie’ entered my head……

“i don’t even know why you are jealous, when i’m staying in the same compound with you, anyway sha i will bring ngozi here tomorrow, so it’s better you vex all of them now, since you are indirectly calling me a dog by not trusting me” i said quietly and in a hurtful manner to her, while she leaned nearer and kissed my cheek,
“i’m so sorry nah, i trust you dear” she apologised again, while i shook my head,
“do you know that it hurts when you discover that someone you care for, do not trust you” i complained bitterly,
“its ok nah, ok what do you want me to do for you?” she asked me, while i smiled and faced her,
“are you really serious?” i asked her,
“yea dear just name it” she said with a wink, while i equally smiled, pulled off my trouser, unbuttoned my knicker, and out leaped my joystick, with it’s bulky head swinging wildly…..

“wow!” she gasped, while i laughed,
“can you please suck it for me?” i said to her as i laughed,
“nooooo you are corrupting me” she said,
“no i’m teaching you” i replied…..

And She slowly, fearful, and cautiously reached for it……

“TRUST is a powerful word or tool, used efficiently in every relationship, by those who know how to use them” The player’s diary….

To be continued……..

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