we left for Aba, the following day with prayers on our lips, while Emeka kept on smiling and cracking jokes in order to make us comfortable……

Stella equally had no strength left in her to argue with me or decline following us, and she just obeyed and accepted all i said to her like a faithful dog. Seriously i have never been so scared in my life, the way i was that fateful day, because by the look of things i knew Stella was going to be done a direct form of abortion which i hated very much, and which also is very risky ‘with a 60% chance of survival’ {without injury’)……

I was equally down to my last dime that fateful day, and i even had to borrow money from Val which he hesitantly gave to me, and even though he also appeared composed and calm, i knew he was very much shaken and scared within, hence his refusal to accompany us…….

Stella rested her head on my shoulder immediately the bus we took zoomed off, while i held her left hand with a forced smile,
“you have nothing to fear dear, Emeka is the best consultant who knows his way okay!” i whispered into her ear………

The heart of a man, is really a bank of many thoughts and only through a confession can the secrets which lay beneath it be revealed, and believe it or not, most guys really do have a whole lot of secrets or stories firmly locked in it…….

As we got to Aba, my heart began pounding furiously, while i began having double mind about the whole thing,
“what if something happens to this girl here, will i be able to escape it?” i asked myself, moreover it was equally my first time of being in that city…….

Emeka chartered a taxi, which took us to a very dirty part of that city, and we were soon in front of a nice looking hospital. Where he led the way and we slowly followed with fear, as my body equally drenched in sweat,
“oh what a momentary pleasure can do to a promising young man” i bitterly said to myself…….

We stepped into the hospital, where a nurse at the ‘reception’ gave us a knowing look and smile, before leading us to another section of the hospital without even asking us any question,
“just wait here” was the only word she spoke to us that fateful day, before returning to the reception……..

Stella strongly held my right hand and stared into my eyes with a trembling lips,
“i’m very scared” she confessed, while i drew closer and hugged her,
“baby we are in this together you have nothing to fear” i replied…….

Minutes later, a very young doctor appeared, with smiles on his face like an angel sent to redeem us, and he shook hands with all of us before nodding at Emeka,
“my guy e don tae ooo, where have you been?” he asked, while Emeka shruggled,
“things havn’t been easy brother” he replied…….

The young doctor then smiled again at stella, before leading us into a specially designed office, equipped with an operating table……..

My heart pounded furiously like a primary school ‘Band’ as we worked into his office…….

To be continued………

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