Stella’s pregnancy and visit really dried my spirit, body and pocket very well, and i even gave her the last money on me for her transportation when she was about to return home, thereby leaving my pocket very empty…..

I really don’t know how i would have survived that period, supposing Val didn’t return the following day to feed me till the end of the week, nor sandra didn’t return during the weekend with foodstuffs and money which sustained us a great deal…….

Sandra returned on saturday afternoon with more of her properties, and lots of foodstuffs, and I lay on my bed with my thoughts, when she returned that fateful saturday. She rushed up to me and fell on my body happily, while i smiled at her………

“baby i missed you, how have you been doing?” she anxiously asked as she gazed at me, and i forced out a smile,
“dear you are not looking healthy oo, even the sparkle in your eyes are no longer there and you equally have reduced alot, what is wrong?” she asked me, while i swallowed hard and looked away,
“only if she knew half of what i passed through when she was gone, she wouldn’t be asking me all these questions” i said to myself with a dry smile……..

“daddy is everything okay?” she asked again as she caressed my face, while i gazed at her and shook my head,
“don’t mind me dear, just that things havn’t been going very well for me” i replied, and she stared at me in shock,
“so tell me about them?” she enquired, while i sighed,
“never mind dear” i replied, but she just shook her head and tapped my chest,
“daddy have you forgotten we do share everything together, so please tell me, about the problem that left you in this condition?” she pleaded…….

I stared into her eyes for a while, before breathing deeply,
“i’m very very broke dear, and right now i don’t even have five naira on me” i explained to her, while she gasped in shock……..

She reached for her hand-bag, opened it, brought out three thousand Naira and gave to me,
“daddy just manage this for now, please stop worrying, i’m back ok” she said to me, while i stared at her in surprise as i collected the money, and my energy returned as my fingers felt the softness of the currency notes she gave to me. I instantly sat up and gave her a kiss…….

“you are a very wonderful girl, thanks alot sweet heart” i said to her while she smiled, lifted up a small nylon bag, placed it on the bed, and brought out some materials {cotton and lace}, beads and ear rings, which she showed me,
“i bought all these for mum” she explained, while i smiled,
“they are very beautiful, your mum will definetly love them” i replied as i went through them, while she laughed,
“baby all these is for your own mum, who is now our mother” she explained………

I stared at her in disbelief and surprise, before happily hugging her again, because she was the first girl ever to buy something for my dear mother, and as we hugged tenderly, i transferred all my love back to her again, while i pushed stella back to the bottom of my mind, without knowing that i was about to help sandra work her way into my mother’s heart…….

To be continued…..

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