“i gave out some to a neighbour” i casually replied, while she stared at me and smiled,
“i knew you were going to say that” she said to me, while i shruggled and pretended to be annoyed,
“please don’t spoil our happiness this evening, lets end this topic abeg” i calmly replied, while she gave me a long look before climbing down from my body……..

Sandra really was a very observant girl, and she never did let even the smallest detail of anything skip through her, and she equally guided our relationship, with all her mind, body and soul, thinking that it would stop me from cheating on her, because she already knew i was a ‘born cheat’, and truly she was a no nonsense girl who was ever ready to fight me and any girl at any given time, and she even monitored me very closely, that sometimes she skipped school just to be with me, any day i had no lectures, but what really was very surprising, was that unlike other girls i have dated, she tried to change me instead of ending our relationship, and she equally never denied me her body, love, food, or money whenever she had some.Yet i never changed………

However we still continued living as a couple, while val returned the following week, and things continued to move on slow and steady for us, even though he really wasn’t happy that sandra returned with more of her properties, but then he still kept his feelings to himself, while i pretended not to notice………..

I finally travelled home the following weekend, where i gave my mother the things sandra bought for her, and she really was extremely delighted as she went through them…….

“my son, who did you say gave you all these beautiful things to give to me?” she asked happily, while i smiled,
“mumy it’s my female neighbour oo” i lied, while she continued to smile, and i never really knew whether she suspected anything, because she never showed it………

“you said she is your neighbour?” she asked again, while i nodded,
“yes mum” i replied,
“i will like to thank her myself, please give me her phone number” she said to me, while i shook my head,
“is it necessary to call her?” i asked unhappily, and mum nodded,
“it’s very necessary, because i really need to thank her ” she replied, while i bit my lips as i entered sandra’s phone number into her phone……..

She immediately called sandra in my presence, and the way she laughed when she talked with her, really got me shivering, and i almost fainted when i heard mum inviting her to come over to our house the next weekend………

“i like her voice, i just wish she will equally be as beautiful as her voice” mum said to me with a knowing smile, while i swallowed hard……

“D--n this girl has played a fast one on me” i muttered to myself…..

To be continued…..
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