Due to the situation of my relationship with sandra, and the way she closely monitored me, i really was unable to call and check on stella the way i should have done, even though i called her once every other day, which i knew really wasn’t okay, because she took a very big risk for my sake, which i should have rewarded her by at least calling her twice daily………….

But as i said earlier, sandra’s presence equally blocked and reduced the affection i once had for stella, which really wasn’t a good thing, but i couldn’t help it…….

“guy how about stella?, what if she decides to show up at this crucial moment, without informing you” Val asked that same monday evening, as we went out to buy a recharge card, while i shruggled,
“bros i really do not know how to tackle all these problems” i confessed, because sandra and stella’s problem coupled with my exams really was too much for me to tackle alone……..

We were still discussing seriously, when my phone rang and it was stella calling. I stared at my phone in surprise as i reasoned how to answer her call, when val snatched my phone from me,

“hello dear long time ooo” he said as he answered the phone call {with my phone switched to loud speaker mode},
“i’m fine but please who am i speaking with, cos this isn’t frank’s voice?” she asked,
“Nne you are speaking with Val oo” he replied,
“see your way nah? You can’t even call to know how i’m doing” she accused unhappily,
“nne i’m sorry it’s just that i have been busy taking care of frank, he fell sick two days after you travelled home” he replied,
“what???,” she exclaimed,
“but i spoke with him two days ago and he sounded very okay” she equally added,
“yea because he didn’t want you to know, please don’t tell him i told you oo” he explained, while i held myself from bursting into laughter,
“so where is he now?” she asked with a calm tone,
“he is sleeping in our room, i will tell him you called, please don’t bother about him, he is already getting better, it’s just malaria ok” he explained to her, before ending the call………

“o boy you don become a professional oooo” i exclaimed as i shook him, while he smiled in his usual way,
“bros let us team up and deal with Sandra nah, i like your skills” i begged, while he stared at me,
“i don’t understand you bro, how do you want to deal with her?” he asked seriously, and all i did was just to scratch my head helplessly, because i really had no clue on the type of role i wanted Val to play, moreover all i wanted was just to control and dominate sandra, thereby cutting her tails which really was growing very fast……..

“bro seriously your affair with sandra is a very delicate personal matter, which you need to solve on your own” i heard him say, while i shruggled and nodded because he really spoke the truth………

We returned to our room quietly, while sandra came in from the kitchen, and sat beside me with a smile,
“baby guess who just called me?” she asked happily, while i smiled as i stared back at her,
“my mum” i answered casually,
“yes baby and i even gave her my mother’s phone number, because my mum really has been so anxious to speak with your mum, since i told her how good your mum has been to me” she explained happily, while i gasped in surprise, as “whaaaaaaat!” equally escaped my lips, and Val smiled as he watched us……

“baby is anything the matter, was it wrong of me to do such?” she anxiously asked, as she held my hands and stared into my eyes, while my heart pounded furiously
“no dear it’s okay by me” i answered sadly, and for the first time, doubt equally appeared in my mind, as i wondered whether i really would be able to free myself from sandra’s tight grasp, because she really wasn’t taking any chances in her game……..

To be continued……..

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