chinyere learn’t very fast that day and within minutes she even began to do it like a professional, and it really felt good as her warm tongue and mouth did it’s work, sending waves of signals to my head, while i nodded with excitement…..

However we were soon interrupted, when Emeka returned from school, which really vexed me, but there was really nothing i could do about it…….

“hope you are happy now?” she whispered into my ear before leaving my room, while i smiled at her,
“at least i have achieved something today, by teaching her how to suck a joystick” i mused……

However that particular day took a dramatic twist, when i was confronted by a group of boys{guys}, where i went to buy a packet of cigar later in the evening…. They were sitting in Mama nkechi’s shop drinking beer in group, and when i saw them that evening, i really knew that something bad was about to happen, cos the way they stared at me really made me feel uncomfortable…..

“guy so na you dey straff my sister” one of them asked me, while the rest just eyed me like a cat waiting to pounce on a mouse,
“i don’t understand” i replied casually and without fear as i waited for mama nkechi to bring my balance{change}

“guy look at me well, do i look like a joker to you?” the guy who asked me the first question, asked me again as he stood up, while i looked at him in surprise and with a pounding heart,
“bros i’m not straffing your sister oo” i replied with a smile, in order for him to take it as a joke, but instead it provoked him further and he pushed me violently, while i regained my balance and charged at him…..

“choi na fighting, two fighting, two fighters choi big offence, una go pay fine” the other guys sitting with him jumped up, and shouted in owerri language as they seperated us and held me strongly,
“guy this is a big offence oo and your fine is ten thousand naira” one of them said to me, while i stood mouth agape, and stunned as i watched the unplanned event unfold around me,
“we are orji youths and nobody fights in our territory, so you are coming with us to our office” they said to me, while i desperately protested,
“guys this is not fair, you all witnessed what happened, mama nkechi, hope you see what your town people is doing” i said as i tried to involve mama nkechi, which really paid off….

she soon came out from her shop and approached their leader,
“this is not what they sent you guys to do ooo, please stop chasing away my customers, this is very bad, and you Andy i will report everything to your mum” she shouted,
“woman hold yourself and enter your shop oo, this is not your business jor” they replied her in owerri language, but then very typical of our society, mama nkechi’s voice really drew crowd which soon gathered around us and prevented them from dragging me away……

To be continued…..

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