sandra virtually controlled my life that period, while i did nothing but bit my lips in regret as i equally swore never to live in the same room with any girl again, if i should finally free myself from her grip, but then my prayers seemed like ‘medicine after death’ because my chances of breaking free from her were very slim……..

She really was an expert and a professional in her game plan, and the way she handled our affair really got me stuck in her web of plans,
“oh if only every girl would be courageous and resourceful like her, i bet cheating will reduce by 50%” i reasoned……….

Her plan really was awesome, because she tied me with good food, sex and her possesive nature, then worked her way into my parents heart with her charming character, and now trying to link my parents and hers under the space of few months, isn’t she d--n courageous?” i hissed as i asked myself,
“who know’s what will be her next plan” i wondered………

I was still thinking deeply, when i felt her hand as it caressed my chest for a while, before she drew close and stared into my eyes
“why are you still awake?” she asked before kissing my lips, while i swallowed hard,
“baby it’s nothing” i replied quietly. She smiled and undressed, before pulling down my knicker and playing with my joystick……….

She played with it as she stared at me with a smile,
” i know something is wrong, because since we returned from your village, you are yet to scratch me which is very much unlike you” she said with a smile, before kissing me again and again, while i stared at her with a blank expression,
“no problem dear, i will just help myself out” she added with a naughty smile, climbed on me and positioned my joystick, which gently penetrated her already wet k---y……

“ooouchh” she moaned, while my head almost exploded, because her k---y was so d--n hot and sweet, but i immediately pushed her down, when val’s comment the other day rushed into my head,

“what if her next plan is to get pregnant for me, isn’t she about to carry it out?” i equally reasoned with fear, as i got myself, while she stared at me in surprise, shock and disbelief…..

“i want to scratch the hell out of your k---y tonight, so get ready for action” i said with a cunning smile as i reached for my condom, which i immediately wore, while she relaxed and smiled, turned and laid on her stomach with spread legs……..

I then penetrated her sweet k---y and knacked away furiously…..

“Defeating sandra, will really need a whole lot of brainwork from me” i reasoned, as i swam inside her sweet honeypot……

To be continued…..

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